Face Mapping – What Your Dark Circles + Acne Are Trying to Tell You

Anyone can better be judged through their face. Your face instantly tells everything about your moods and personality. But did you know that your face can also tell a lot about your health conditions. Many problems like dark circles, acne, swelling, redness in the eyes and yellowish eyes depict health issues that could be serious in some cases. However, there are many tips that can save you from the trouble. Here we are going to shed some light on what dark circles and acne tell you about your health.

• Dark Circles

Dark circles are darkening of the delicate skin around the eyes. They are becoming quite common among women of all ages. There could be a number of reasons for it; for example, lack of sleep and fatigue could be behind those dark circles. They could even be hereditary. But if they are persistent and becoming more prominent, then the real reason behind them should be found out. Here are some of the health issues that could be the reason of the dark circles:

• Liver malfunctioning:

One of the main functions of liver is to produce and clean blood. If it is not performing properly, it means that either it is not cleaning up impurities in the blood properly or it is not producing the required amount of blood; resulting in low hemoglobin. This means that the food, energy and oxygen are not being supplied to the cells of the body in a proper manner. Try iron rich foods for dark circles tips to improve the condition.

• Stomach malfunctioning:

Yet another reason of dark circles could be, slow digestion of food of or maybe indigestion. In both the cases, the food takes too long to digest and remains in the stomach for longer period of time. The enzymes that help in digestion also stay in the stomach for long. Some of them being acidic in nature could even damage the walls of the stomach. Better take lighter meals and drink a lot of water for dark circles tips and seek medical advice immediately.

• Constipation:

One of the most common reasons of dark circles is constipation. It, itself is the cause of many health problems. If anyone ever feels like suffering from constipation, then it should be taken care of immediately. If not, then it causes many other health problems. A good tip for dark circles is to take warm milk at night before going to bed.

• Acne

Acne is the skin infection that causes different spots and pimples on skin. It mainly occurs during adolescence. It may be caused due to a few reasons stated below:

• Sun exposure:

Extensive exposure to sun and dust can cause skin damage and acne. It may cause serious skin infections and can cause quite a trouble. Always use sunscreen before stepping out as a good acne care tip.

• Dehydration:

Lack of water in the body can cause the skin to break out. Our body is 70% water and it needs a lot of fluids to transport the food t the cells and take the waste materials out of the body. Dehydration means that those waste materials stay in the body and cause the skin acne and other skin problems. Simply take 3-4 glasses of water first thing in the morning as an acne care tip. It will get your system ready for the day’s work.

• Sensitive skin:

An important reason of acne is sensitive skin. The skin becomes prone to break outs and it reacts immediately to cosmetics and other skin care products. These products having a large number of strong chemicals in them, affect the skin adversely causing acne. Use skin products with the advice of the doctor and try to use herbal products as acne care tip.

Your face tells a lot about your health conditions. See what your dark circles and acne have to say about your health and what tips you can use to get rid of them.

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