Eye makeup Guide for this Autumn

 If you love to fashion than you must follow every trend and style that prevails in a society. Fashion and styles varies as seasons and that is why, every season bought new trends and styles with it. Makeup is the essential part of fashion without which the beauty of a lady considers to be incomplete. So, all the ladies must aware of makeup tips for every season.

When we talk about makeup, the first thing that hits our mind is the eye makeup. Eyes are considered as the windows to the soul. Eye makeups can either makes you look perfect or can ruin your whole beauty (if not done in proper manner).

Some ladies do not considered eye make so vital and just focus in making their skin tone white and bright which is totally wrong. For making your eyes attractive you need to make your eye make up attractive. For this fall, you can make your eye shadow collection bold instead of gold and boring russet. Here is eye makeup guide for fall.

Go triangular:

For this fall, you can apply eye shadows in triangular style in such a manner that give your eyes a bold look. You can choose two to three color eye shows for this easy look. To give your eye makeup a triangular shape, start applying eye shadow from inner eye upward to the smallest point at the outside of the eye. Apply glint of gold under brow to prominent your eye bone. Stable brown eye liner would be best with this type of makeup. Apply mascara to make your eye lashes look bigger. This eye make up is best if you’re going to both day and night function.

Go for purple:

Purple is the color that is usually reserve for summer makeup but this fall you can wear purple eye makeup to make your eyes attractive and gorgeous. You can combine purple color with some unusual color like maroon. Both colors are bold that will give you bold look. For elegant look, just apply these bold colors on the lower eye lid only.

Orange tone:

Orange color eye shadows are also recommended by fashion experts for this autumn. This color is also been seen on different catwalks by stunning fashion models. This tone is best for this autumn-but if you’re not comfortable with this color, than you can also try copper or peach color for same effect. This is also the solution for your problem.

Glittery eyes:

For an eye catching look in this autumn, you can add some glitter to your eye makeup for making it more appealing. Glitters have power of attraction that can grab the attention of other towards you in an easy way. Add some glitter to the corner of inner eye lids to give your eyes a shiny look.

Smoky eyes:

Smoky eye makeup is usually the favorite eye makeup of all the ladies and celebrities in special. This autumn, you can wear smoky eye makeup confidently because it will going to rock this fall. Either you’re on wedding party or some regular function, smoky eyes will always adds to your beauty. It will make your eyes look bigger and bold as well. If some glitter would be applied on smoky eyes, it will definitely enhance your eye beauty.

Bold brows:

For this fall, you have to make your brows bold if want want to follow trends of the season. Bold brows with bold makeup will help you to get a bold look full of elegance.

Big lashes:

With bold makeup, big eye lashes are essential to wear. If you don’t have long thick eye lashes than you can go for the mascara with best result. If you don’t have such mascara than you can wear artificial eye lashes for your convenience.

This is all about autumn eye makeup guide. By following above guide, you will surely rock this fall.

As autumn is season associated with dullness so you need to play with colors this autumn. You can add life to the dull autumn look with your perfect eye makeup.

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