Eye Makeup for Eid ul Fitr

With Eid ul Fitr just around the corner, everyone is overjoyed with all the shopping and hustle bustle. There are Eid ul Fitr clothes to shop for, accessories to go with those clothes, hang bags, shoes and etc. Pre-Eid preparations such as beauty spa treatments are also up in the air. Make-up shopping comes under such a category with eye make up being the most in vogue trend this Eid ul Fitr!

Eye make-up is the most important part of your beauty because they highlight the eyes through which you directly make contact with other people. Now a days, women enjoy highlighting their eyes with thick eyeliners and eye pencils on the in as well as the outside of the eye lid and rim in order to appear more attractive. However, what most of them forget is the pre- eye make-up preparations that they need to prepare in order to enjoy long lasting eye make-up.

Properly cleansing the eye lids and removing any make-up that was previously applied to the eye or T-zone area is essential before getting any make-up done on your face. Next comes the application of a foundation or a primer that will help hold the eye make-up for a long time. Also, the concealer application is imperative because it aids in eliminating the dark circles or eye bags that form under the eyes due to stress or being over-worked.  Once you’re done with the basics of your eye make-up, choose the type and color of eye make-up you wish to apply. Here is a list of the top trending types of eye make-up this Eid ul Fitr:

• Light gothic eye make-up – A light shade of black and grey combined with a touch of dark brown and white can give the eyes a smokey look and remain perfectly lightly gothic. This eye make-up style will work with any outfit red or yellow as smokey eyes are generally preferred over all over types of eye make-up.

• Peacock colors eye make-up – Now a days, women have even started applying peacock colors to their eyes to seem fresh and graceful just as the bird itself. These colors include shades of green, yellow, and blue to be particular and is applied lightest shade first starting from the rim of the lid up to the darkest shade just below the brow line.

• Moonlight inspired eye make-up – Adding a shade of your choice to the eye make-up palette and topping it with a touch of silver is another new trend most fashion make-up artists have recently begun. They think the silver adds uniqueness and gives the person a more vibrant look.

• Retro eye make-up – Bright and vivid contrasting colors of two applied on the eye lid is another fashion trend that has recently been spotted in a variety of fashion shows. Contrast these colors either with your own outfit or just amongst themselves for the best look.

• Cat lashes eye make-up -This look comes about by highlighting just the top lid but leaving the tear ducts empty. Applying the bronze or white shade on the tear ducts will enhance them and pulling off the eyeliner up to as far as you think looks good is the appeal of this type of eye make-up.

• Arabic eye make-up – The Arab women are widely known for their exquisite eye make-up trend that they have been setting for centuries. The Arabic eye make-up consists of application of heaps of eye liner or pencil inside the eye and highlighting the tear ducts, upper and lower lids of the eyes, and the lashes as much as you can from their traditional black kohl. However, recently they have started to apply earthly colors under the eye lid such as prominent blue, earth green, purple, white etc.

Whatever eye make-up you wish to apply, remember to apply the eyeliner and mascara towards the end. Apply some powder just under the eye lids and brush it off once the make-up is completed. This helps eliminate any smudging that occurs whilst applying the make-up. Happy Eid ul Fitr!

Eye make-up is the most important part of any woman's make-up treatments. This Eid ul Fitr go retro and classy with the listed trends in the make-up of this category. Read on for important tips and latest trends.

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