Best Makeup For Fair Skin Tones

Having fair skin tone can be both blessing and curse. Your fair skin is a blessing if you know how to carry yourself by using appropriate makeup. But if you are wearing wrong makeup that completely washes you out can be a serious issue. It is difficult to find perfect makeup for fair skin type.

Women having fair complexion have to face many challenges when it comes to choosing and applying makeup. Wrong shades can look harsh. I would suggest you some basic tips regarding your makeup that will make you even more beautiful. Makeup should look natural and enhance women’s natural beauty.

Fair skin does not require heavy foundation. Choosing a foundation that looks natural is a challenge in deed. It may take several tries to select appropriate foundation for you. It is fact that correct shade of foundation is paramount for fair skinned ladies. Choose light concealer to hide your blemishes or dark spots that matches you skin tone. Blend foundation and concealer well to avoid harsh and noticeable lines on your face and neck.

Apply light dust of matte powder that is better than foundation. Many of the foundations have orange tint that shows most on light skin tone. Powder absorbs sweat and it actually looks natural because it is completely absorbed in your skin. For fair skin complexion, natural makeup is best as it enhances your beauty. So by using minimal amount of makeup, fair skinned women can highlight their best features and downplay any imperfection.

For alabaster complexion, rose pink, tawny and beige tones work best. Apply soft pink shade of blush on the apples (cheekbones) of your skin to find them just smile. It will make your cheeks pop. Peachy or rose colored blush looks most natural on fair skin tone. Do remember that light skin requires blush.

You can also use highlighter to your cheekbones exactly under your eyebrows and in the corner of your eyes. Use gel formulas or shimmery powder to add an ethereal highlight to your cheeks. Avoid harsh and darker shades and look for just light pink, coral and peach to give your skin just the right amount of glow.

Earth tone eye shadow work best on fair complexion. It perfectly highlights the light eyes of fair skinned women while looking natural and subtle. Make sure your eye brows are freshly plucked. You can also apply silver or golden shade just above eye liner for evening parties. You should avoid blues, aqua, dark green, pastels, white, orange, yellow and black.

Wearing mascara is a must. Apply brown or black mascara. To make your eye lashes look longer, line your bottom lashes with white mascara. You can also use fake eyelashes to have glamorous look.

To give a final touch let’s come towards lips. Apply lip gloss of soft pink shade. Without a lipstick your makeup would be incomplete. Pink shades re feminine friendly and adds warmth and special effect on your skin. If you like to wear dark shades then red will make you look stunning that goes perfectly with fair skin tone.

If you have fair skin tone and are looking for perfect makeup that goes with your skin tone then go for basic make up guideline that will maximize your beauty. Follow this guideline and look stunning and gorgeous.

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