9 tips to protect your face from heat

Makeup usually melts off quicker in the scorching heat of summers and then your face might look like a drained out shriveled fig. Now who would want that? Certainly not you!! So in order to protect your makeup and your face from the burning heat of the sun, here are some interesting makeups matting survival guide that can help you maintain your makeup looking fresh and good as new.

Pick a Good Primer:

A primer is always a must for any makeup routine. This product is specifically made for your makeup to stick and last longer. But in the summer heat no one wants a bloated face with too much product on. That is why is best for you to decide and buy a good primer that has a lighter formula and is best for summers.


Try to Avoid Oil-Based Foundation and Makeup:

Oil based foundations are a recipe for disaster in summers. Since it’s an oil based foundation, it will melt quicker in summers and can make your makeup runny on your face. But we agree that going completely oil free is not possible but you can always avoid where you can.

Always use Waterproof Products:

Waterproof is the best formula especially when it comes to eyeliners and mascaras. You certainly do not want to turn into a panda face by the end of the day with those plain eyeliners and mascaras. But if you still want to stick with your old product u can coat them up with transparent waterproof mascaras.

Consider Wearing Your Hair up:

Give it up ladies! It’s hot and you don’t need be cruel to yourself running your long hair down. Do a nice and trendy updo for your hair on a regular basis. It will be much more comfortable for you and you will save yourselves from accumulating oil and sweat near your face.


Set Everything with a Translucent Powder:

Wearing a face powder is the wisest decision for makeup in summers. Experts exclaim that the powder not only airbrushes you face making it much more smooth but also it help the makeup stay intact with the rest of the stuff. You face will look much more settled and fresh.

Keep a Specially Formulated Cooling Mist:

A small bottle of cooling mist can do wonders for your face in summers. Even at emergency cases, you can always spray on a mist which will give you a refreshing feel and will also help keep everything intact. Just try not to overdo it.

Two Words: Blotting Papers:

Blotting papers are the safest and most convenient invention yet. They are oil absorbing papers that can help you remove that access oil off your face immediately.


Have a Fan at the Ready:

Always keep a hand fan with you in your purse. If your workplace or home does not have the best climate of if you are out somewhere for an outdoor function a pretty fan could save your face immediately. They are stylish and they can help prevent sweat emerging over your face.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat:

The simplest of all routines in your life should be washing your face at night. Make it fundamental so that there is no impurity on your face at night.

Makeup can be tricky in summers especially when it’s almost 90o outside. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid makeup melt down on your face.

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