5 Things to Avoid When Applying Face Pack!

The daily skincare routine is incomplete without applicationof Face pack. Such an application brings forth a number of benefits but at the same time if this is not done in the right way. The benefits could become a disadvantage and spoil the skin rather than improve it. The emphasis here is to avoid the common mistakes that could reverse the useful effects of the face pack. The common mistakes associated with improper application of facepack revolve around:

1. Application of ONE Face Pack All Over the Face

It is important to be aware of the fact that skin on every part of our face is not the same. There are cases where individuals have oily T-zone while others suffer from dry cheeks and then there are more who have acne problems limited to cheeks only. Keeping in mind these variables , it is just not right to apply the same mask all over the face.For different areas of the face the face mask has to be as per the face condition. A useful example is to use a blackhead targeting face mask on the nose and a hydrating mask for cheeks and skin. Clay mask can be used for oily T-Zone.

2. Application of Wrong Face Mask

Remember that all face masks are not relevant for every kind of skin. Much depends on the type of the skin and related purpose of the mask application. In case the skin is dry and a clay mask is used to seek beneficial treatment ,well the end result of such application will be zero.Infact the skin will become more drier than before. Choose the formula that works well for YOUR skin type.

3. Do not use Hands to Draw Out Face Mask from Tub

The use of fingers to get some product out of the jar is not on. The appropriate thing to do is to use a spatula or a spoon instead. By using fingers the product will become contaminated and may even expire before the time.

4.Stop using fingers to apply face mask

It has to be emphsised that any digging of fingers into the jar has to be avoided completely,as it causes impurities to become a part of the facemask.

5. Facemask not to be left for Too Long

By keeping the face mask on the face for a long time is not going to yield enhanced benefits.The caution is that it can result in skin damage and make it prone to dryness and flakiness. Wash your face pack before it starts flaking.

The emphasis here is to avoid the common mistakes that could reverse the useful effects of the face pack.

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