Term and Description
1. Baby

If you see a baby crying in your dream, it indicates that you might, in near future, suffer health deterioration or experience some serious disappointments in your personal life.

On the other hand, if you see a bright, cheerful baby it symbolizes a wonderful love affair or arrival of new relationships in life.
Dreaming of a baby may also signify the circumstances of your spiritual life.

2. Bachelor

When a woman dreams about a bachelor, it signifies a loss of innocence and purity.
While, if a man dreams of being a bachelor, it indicates a warning of an insincere female who he might come in his life. It may also mean loss of honor and dignity.

3. Back-biting

If you dream of back-biting about someone, that indicates that you will soon commit a serious error, unless you quit doing whatever you may be indulged in, as it might cause harm to someone. 

If you dream that you are back-biting about someone, that means you, in near future, you will have problems with a family member.

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