Mahira Khan Vogue India Fashion Shoot

Mahira Khan is the undeniable queen of the media in the subcontinent. She’s delivered the biggest blockbuster of the year, in India. She’s been a part of the Pakistani industry and has taken it to new heights. While she wasn’t allowed to promote her film, in India, people praised her performance and beauty, regardless.

Today Mahira is serving heaps and heaps of badassery with her stunning photo shoot for Vogue India

Mahira Khan's Vogue India Fashion ShootThe feature is a part of Vogue Beauty where Mahira talks about her style statement and makeup choices

Mahira Khan's Vogue India Fashion ShootShe said that she believes in minimal makeup, and that how she feels on the inside is far more important than make up or clothes.

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She’s literally the epitome of what every human being, regardless of gender, needs to be: someone who’s comfortable with who they are and at peace with themselves.

Mahira Khan's Vogue India Fashion ShootThe interview, done alongside her shoot, talked about her style, her go-to look, her beauty idols, and even her favorite holiday destinations

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 Mahira Khan's Vogue India Fashion Shoot

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