7 Hidden Secrets Of Mahira Khan

At the point when media asked what do we not know with respect to Pakistani performing artist Mahira Khan, she let some know most noteworthy kept undercover of her that she never shares. Here is seven mysteries of Mahira Khan that she never shares.

mahira khan secrets


  • Mahira Khan does not look it however she declares that she eats like there is no tomorrow! When inquired what, in particular, the reply she gave was everything.
  • Although it may seem that Mahira is a regular feature at the gym. It looks that we might be incorrect! The beauty asserts that she has never still stepped into the gym. Afterward what is the clandestine to her fitness, we are however to find out!

Mahira Khan secrets

  • Her stylist, Babar disclosed, she is as well extremely easy to fool, still a street child can do the job and obtain away with it.
  • According to Mahira Khan, her toes are the oddest things that ever exist. She has been said that her feet do the acting earlier than her body can. She may have a tranquil facade however you will never familiar with the twitchiness in her toes.

Mahira khan facts

  • Owing to the above cause, Mahira avoids peep-toes.
  • Mahira Khan’s life revolves around her work. Whereas on the job, she creates it to the tip to work her butt off. So much so that it has got her the on-set nickname of MAZDOOR KHAN.
  • Mahira Khan is a hippie at heart. Be correct to yourselves peeps!

Mahira khan hidden facts

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