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Smelling good is very important for everyone. It makes person self-confident and attract other people towards you. Best perfumes for men in summer 2011 are Davidoff hot Water, Ferrari Black and Obsession by Calvin Klein.

Smelling good is every human being’s vital need. Off course you don’t want to repel people away from you due to bad odor especially during the summer season. A good perfume adds to the self-confidence in ones personality. It is a matter of great confusion to find a good fragrance that suits our personality from a wide variety of branded perfumes for men. Therefore, we have come up with the most popular and best perfumes for men in summer 2011.

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Garnier Skin Naturals LightGarnier, one of the world’s leading skin care brands, brings to you this summer, Garnier Skin Naturals Light SPF 15 cream which is a fairness cream that contains two very important ingredients – SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun and reduces dark spots and is also enriched with  Pure Lemon Essence that Takes Care of your skin! Continue reading…

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teenage-fashion-an-amalgamation-of-east-and-westTeenage fashion, this year is being ruled by bright colors and funky stuff. Teenage, the most bubbly and lively phase of one’s life, brings with it the freedom of choice and the courage to try new things.
Teenagers are more apt in adapting new trends than grown ups, whether it’s about clothing or hairstyles. Teenage fashion ranges from western jeans, tops to typically eastern choori pajamas and a variety of stylish long frocks. This summer reds, oranges and yellows are all in for teenage fashion. Keeping the scorching heat in mind, whites, bisques, cool blues and light shades of yellow are also being launched by apparel brands such as STONEAGE and CrossRoads for teenage fashion 2011. Continue reading…
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Belts are BackAdd casual elegance in your style by picking up the latest belts fashion for your wardrobe. Get ready for the flattering and glamorous fashion belts to accessorize your outfit in a stylish way.

Pakistani fashion industry is all set to throw a welcome-back party for fashion belts this season. Fashionistas all over the world truly understand the importance of style that fashion belts add to one’s appearance. Get set to stock up the fashion belts this season to make your style statement. The latest belts fashion is of all widths, textures and colors which you can easily pull over on any outfit.

The fashion belts do not only look chic and stylish, but also define your waistline in an elegant way.  Keeping in view the latest fashion trends of loose flowing frocks and long A-line shirts, fashion belts have been introduced back in the Pakistani fashion to charm your outfits. The addition of fashion belts is a perfect choice to make to adorn your loose frocks and long shirts, highlighting your waistline with classy look. Continue reading…

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Pakistani FootwearTraditional Pakistani footwear is no less. This summer, men and women both can carry a different fashion statement by looking equally trendy in wearing Kolhapuri chappals, Khussas and sandals.

Are you already sick of buying diamond-studded strappy leather Prada shoes and iconic Jimmy Choo’s pumps; men wearing Adidas or Nike converse? Don’t worry because traditional Pakistani footwear is no less. This summer, men and women both can carry a different fashion statement by looking equally trendy in wearing Kolhapuri chappals, Khussas and sandals. Not just that these shoes depict the rich culture of the sub-continent as India and Pakistan’s footwear style majorly overlaps; our brilliant stores offer an extensive range of to-die-for collection of this chic ethnic Pakistani footwear. Continue reading…

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Beat the Heat with Fresh Summer DrinksAs you might have cursed the sun for its merciless vehemently endowed fury on us during the summer, sometimes it’s just best to sit back and cool yourself down with a peaceful mind and some refreshing summer drinks. Fresh drinks are one of the best options to beating the summer heat.

Summer drinks are quite often mistaken for carbonated beverages which is perhaps the most flawed school of thought. Carbonated beverages only make you thirstier with the oxygen deficit they create consequent to the dissemination of the carbonic acid.

Frozen and salted is the way you should like it for the summer. While salts help in water retention, the cooler temperatures that usually give you a brain freeze help in the homeostatic decrease in body temperature. Continue reading…

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Dupatta StylesFor a long time there was not much variation observed regarding dupatta styles in Pakistan but recently this change is seen.

The fashion and trend keeps on changing not only in Pakistan but around the world. But one thing which hardly changes is the Dupatta style in Pakistan. This time something unusual has happened because Dupatta style has changed. A few years back long dupatta’s were considered to be an essential part of the shalwar and kameez but now things have become more modernized and those fluttering long dupattas are now converted into short and narrow strips which girls these days wrap around their necks. Continue reading…

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Ellemint Pretlaunch in KarachiAamir Mazhar of SAVVY PR & Events gave it all up and plunged into the creative world of event management. Within a few years of his company’s launch he has taken over Lahore with his glamorous and fun events, now he is moving towards Karachi for the launch of multi label designer store Ellemint Pret in Karachi. Continue reading…

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Latest Sherwani Styles DesignsAll of you must be familiar with Sherwani, yes, the dress mostly worn by dulhas on their wedding. Here we are with latest Sherwani designs, which will surely amuse you.

Sherwani has been a cultural dress for quite some time in South Asia; it’s a tradition to wear it on festivals such as Eids, state dinners and weddings in Pakistan. It is a kind of formal dress like a long black coat (now available in every color) worn with a shalwar and qameez underneath, it gives a perfectly royal look to its wearer.

Sherwani is generally made up of heavier suiting fabrics, silk or wool with lining. With changing fashion, there is a wide range of sherwani designs, fabrics and colors representing the fusion of modernity and ethnicity.

Nowadays there are a number of dress designers who come up with pretty innovative sherwani styles. Starting from a Jodhpur sherwani style to typical Pakistani dulha sherwani designs that give a cultural touch are available around the country. Continue reading…

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“Revitalift Double lift works like an instant lift for your skin. Its double anti-ageing action goes deep into your skin instantly reduces fine lines and makes skin visibly tighter.” – L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson Aamina Sheikh.

L’Oréal Paris, the world’s leading beauty brand, proudly announced a brand new series of exciting and interactive Experts mall animations in Karachi and Lahore celebrating beauty, skin care and their world No. 1 in anti wrinkle creams franchise Revitalift at a press meet on the opening day of the experts’ mall animation. Continue reading…

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