Beat the Heat with Fresh Summer Drinks!

Beat the Heat with Fresh Summer DrinksAs you might have cursed the sun for its merciless vehemently endowed fury on us during the summer, sometimes it’s just best to sit back and cool yourself down with a peaceful mind and some refreshing summer drinks. Fresh drinks are one of the best options to beating the summer heat.

Summer drinks are quite often mistaken for carbonated beverages which is perhaps the most flawed school of thought. Carbonated beverages only make you thirstier with the oxygen deficit they create consequent to the dissemination of the carbonic acid.

Frozen and salted is the way you should like it for the summer. While salts help in water retention, the cooler temperatures that usually give you a brain freeze help in the homeostatic decrease in body temperature.

Slush may seem like the perfect idea to beat down the summer heat. Trust me, its not. Experiment with ingredients. Go for a fresh fruit summer drink. Frozen melon with a tinge of sugar and a few table spoons of water is my favorite. Go for the more seasonal fruit and natural flavors and ingredients. This will not only make sure that you’re hydrated but along with providing you with a wider variety of summer drinks and keeping all the essential requirements of minerals and nutrients constant.

Another innovation in summer drinks is consequent largely to advancements in science. Make puree for your exotic winter fruits such as your strawberries and store them in your freezer. A good helping of these smothered frozen berries with just a slight helping of a carbonated beverage makes for the perfect fruit juice.

Summer drinks are rated on their basis of popularity as their flavors may please the palate. Surprise your guests with a delightful experience with a wide array of fresh drinks as part of your summer specials and bring in those unexpected flavors that nobody would expect as part of your summer drinks menu.

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