elegance-and-splendor-of-pakistani-bridal-jewelryFashion statements may change with the span of time, but Pakistani bridal jewelry is considered as an evergreen fashion trend. No matter what is the season, Pakistani bridal jewelry has always been in the fashion trends list. In the wedding festivities and celebrations, bridal jewelry and bridal dress have been considered as the major part. Girls always try their level best to pick up unique and elegant bridal jewelry to make their special day memorable for them.

With the changing bridal jewelry trends, Pakistani bridal jewelry has now introduced a vast variety of creations and designs. Pakistani bridal jewelry has always been considered unique and attractive sign of cultural representation throughout the world. Continue reading…

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Crossroads Grease Summer 2011The CrossRoads Grease summer 2011 collection is inspired from the famous musical movie of the late seventies. Think exaggerated hair do’s, risqué dress sense and off beat styling.

Our summer 2011 campaign announces the start of the CrossRoads ‘Go Green’ era where abolishing the waste of paper through our catalogue production is the just the start of the many ways in which we would like to be eco friendly.  Hence, from this season on we will distribute our catalogues in CD’s-compatible with any desktop or laptop and hope to introduce a new technique of launching our seasonal campaigns every year. We have worked in collaboration with Guddu and Shani films to create an entirely different concept of promotion. DJ Shahrukh has exclusively remixed the music of Grease for us and to this we have added some life through the art of dance and video production. The videos are there to grab your attention, and to break the monotony of our usual campaigns but the actual collection can be viewed through our look book. Continue reading…

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VJ Anoushey AshrafAnoushey Ashraf is a young dynamic style icon of Pakistan, who started off as VJ, has done fashion modeling and has started her own clothing venture.

Anoushey Ashraf is a famous VJ and actress and now a famous fashion model and designer of Pakistan. She is considered to be a true style icon for the younger generation for music and entertainment. This young fashion model has marked her way in the industry in no time whether it be anchoring or modeling. She is among the first ones to gain popularity as VJ. Born in Karachi, this young dynamic lady started off her career as VJ on MTV Pakistan in 2002. She also acted in a PTV serial directed by Saira Kazmi.

Anoushey did her A-Levels and then B.A. with English Literature as a major subject and joined the media industry afterwards. She has done a number of shows on TV and has become an inspiration for the younger lot of our country. She is a smart, energetic, and vigorous style icon. She has been working for the administration of Indus TV Network for quite some time now. Continue reading…

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The latest spring collection 2011 maintains the feeling of softness and nostalgia of charm since the themes of latest spring trend is following a sophisticated look with the digital prints, subtle silks and fine cottons that give a refines and luxurious look to the latest spring fashion collection. This spring is all about being passionate with colours that evoke the inner feelings of happiness and joy. Besides that the spring 2011 collection includes the explosions of prints with geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music kitsch, cartoon influences and the mis of creative patchwork of

The creativity of the latest spring collection 2011 has made the spring collection the more authentic for every woman with a variety of mixes of feminist trends including a pinch of biker styled coughs and designs.

Besides the exotic blend of colours and prints the embroideries and beautifully painted and laced outfits have also taken over the latest spring 2011 collection to beat the latest fashion collection of the year. Continue reading…

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Choosing the day wear 2011 perfumeThere are numerous women’s perfume and fragrances in the market today, and choosing your perfect fragrance may seem difficult. Selecting a daytime perfume 2011 spray may prove difficult and complex than ever. Follow these perfume collection tips and you will be the scent sensational for life.

A perfume is a mixture of fragrances and these fragrances reflect the persona of an individual. Whenever you choose and wear 2011 perfume options are numerous from fruity to musk; from piquant to mild. Many a times, you may get confused about how to select a perfume.

Remember that you have to select 2011 perfume with care and there are following things you need: A selection of women’s fragrances and blotter papers. Perfumes are very elegant expressive gift items and come in classy and stylish bottles. This perfume collection tip suggests that make a list of the characteristics you want in a women’s perfume for regular day wear. Make sure that you wear light daytime scents which are fresh and fruity like citrus or light floral scents. Do not leave the heavier oriental or spicy perfumes for evening. Continue reading…

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New Lux Body WashThe New LUX Body Wash is the new talk of the town! LUX, now brings a variety of body washes that promises silky skin with an ecstatic luxurious look to flaunt about. LUX has always managed to be superior when it comes to bringing new and exclusive products in the category of beauty and skincare, be it “White Glamour”,” Sparkling Beauty”, “Vibrant Citrus”, “Evening Silk” or others; every single product has portrayed luxury and a star like beauty. Hence, now it’s time for the new Magical Beauty, Peach n Cream and Strawberry Cream, its highlighted everywhere. Continue reading…

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Easter Celebration IdeasThe holy mornings of Good Friday and Easter aim to share great joys, blessings, spiritual peace and love to celebrate resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cheerful celebrations ideas of Easter are a guideline to pass your day blissfully.

Cheerful Easter celebration ideas given here are totally inspiring and fun making. To make your Easter more jovial read them below.

  • Easter egg dye ideas

Easter eggs and Easter bunny are festive gifts of Easters as they symbolize a new life. Children share the joys and happiness of Easter by exchanging beautifully painted Easter eggs that they love to do so. So, kids get ready to dye and decorate Easter eggs. Continue reading…

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