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It’s the weddings season going on. We see atleast one wedding being held every day in our respective areas.

This means this season sings the song of romance, love and beautiful unions, with a sophisticated look. A bride dressed in a gorgeous dress looks stunning with that bridal blush across her face and what accentuates it more is a soft make up which complements the bridal mood and the bridal attire.

The Brilliant and top make-up artist of Pakistan and owner of Mona J Salon, Mona Saqib has vivid suggestion about how to make a bride-to-be look glamorous yet modest and retains the traditional bridal blush.

According to Mona, beauty needs not to be too noticeable; rather it should give a subtle appeal and secret allure in her look.

Thus, the fundamental makeup rule for this season is ‘less is beauty and less is more’. If you are a bride-to-be, then our suggestion to you, in the very opinion of Mona J is to refrain from over-doing your look with extra puff on your face. A soft touch of make up would enhance your look and let your bridal dress manage the rest of it! Always get an expert’s help to add a magical touch to you which accentuates your looks and compliments it with your attire and jewelery.

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“If to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true”

It’s time to dance. No matter that you are a dance lover or not but you should dance today because today is the World’s Dance Day. 29th of April has been celebrated as world’s dance day by the International Dance Council (CID) (Council International de la Danse), since 1982. The world dance day was established in 1626 to pay homage to the dancer John Luis Noverre, who passed away in Paris, France.

The main purpose to celebrate this day is to spread the awareness about the art of dance. Also this day is celebrated in line with UNESCO’s struggle against injustice and intolerance. Another main idea of celebrating this day is to attract those towards dance who do not pay any attention in dancing, throughout the year or even throughout their life.

Dance is another name of expressing feelings and emotions. On the lyrics of a song or on the music, one can convey his/her emotions towards something. In remembering the art of dance, always remember two major things; the body language and the facial expressions. A good dancer must have all the guts to convey the feelings in a true sense. In other words we can say that dance plays its role as a message sender, as it conveys the hidden things in a bold way.

It is also not necessary that one should have a perfect body structure to be a good dancer. In fact dance itself is such an accurate exercise to make you smart and to give your body a well-defined shape. So this is another benefit to be in practice of dance that you might get your desired figure. There are so many types of dance like Salsa, Latin dance, foxtrot, krump, disco, swing dance, tap, modern, lyrical, waltz, musical theater, Jazz, Tango, rumba, ballet, Merengue, contra, point, ballroom, twist, break dance, country & western dance, belly-dance, flamenco, hip-hop Folk dance and our very own eastern ‘Khatak’ dance.

This day brings especial activities for choreographers, different dance teachers, dance researchers, dance students and for all dance lovers. In short this day has its own importance in almost every culture and society. Its significance varies from society to society. People of every country have their own traditional dance practices, other than international dance types. CID helps the philosophy that everyone can dance. The 2009 year is dedicated to inclusive, comprehensive or broad dance, as one of the reasons to celebrate this day is to fight against prejudice.

Dance is universal language; which everybody in this whole world can speak.

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Depression is a psychological problem and a depressed person can utter something harmful to himself.
The main cause of depression is hopelessness.

When a person does not gets his/her desired thing he/she became depressed. Those who became victim of depression can’t enjoy the colorful world around them. Neither the beautiful weather nor the beautiful people can bring happiness in their lives. Depressed people love to be alone most of the time; they does not like a crowed of other people around them.

In today’s hectic era, every second or third person seems to be less or more depressed. Might be because of some social, financial, political or especially due to some personal problem. Particularly women become depressed quickly as compared to men. Being sensitive or touchy, women feel even the small aspects of life; and men hardly bother the small things.

No matter women or men, depression is equally harmful for both. Now we will help that how you can get rid of this depression. In this regard the most important thing is to think positive always. If you will think positive and automatically you will act positive. So positive thinking will definitely help you to make you less depressed.

Second important thing to avoid depression is to ‘Express your feelings and emotions’. Expressing the things will surely make you to feel light. If you can’t express your feeling through words in front of somebody, then go for the other platforms. If you think that you can’t express your feelings directly to somebody then write your words on a paper or on your dairy. Expression is the need of human beings. Every person in this whole world wants to say, what he has in his mind & heart. So try to express each and every thing in any way you have.

Count the blessings around you and ‘thank God’. Through this exercise you will feel better by realizing that you are able to deserve these blessings in front of God. So you will not feel lonely as God is here.

‘Always hope for the best’, is the best rule to avoid any sort of disappointment. Don’t think like that ‘what is happening around me’ or ‘why me’ etc, instead try to think that everything happens due to some reason or for some purpose. Try to think these sorts of things and you will feel a positive change in your life.

Last but not least, make others happy will also makes you happy.

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Pakistan’s style & beauty industry is remarkably producing big names day-by-day. One of those is the name of ‘Rizwana Khan’ with her beauty salon, Zara’s salon; named on her daughter.

Rizwana Khan has recently celebrated the 26th anniversary of her beauty salon with a sparkling style show at her Zamzama branch in Karachi. She is one of the cream beauticians of Pakistan, those who spend more than 25 years in the world of beauty & style industry.

She has started her salon in the 80’s when there were few known beauticians like Musarat Misbah, Peng Qureishi, Rohana Iqbal, and Daulat Rahimtoola. The top salons like Shaheen’s, Depilex and Dolly’s were present at Tariq road Bhadarabad Karachi. So she had to work very hard in making her prominent position among the list of top beauty experts.

She opened her first beauty salon in North Nazimabad. Then she went to Baghdad (Iraq) for few years to get professional training of hair, make-up and skin. In Iraq, she learned a lot about hair and make-up; especially about Bridal make-up and got a good experience. She returned home in 1990 and re-opened her salon. After successfully running her first branch, she opened her second in Bhadrabad with the help of her friends & family after 15 years. Last year she opened her latest branch at Zamzama.

Rizwana has participated in lots of fashion shows and has done numerous beauty shoots for different magazines. Her recent fashion & style show was held at her Zamzama’s salon. It was basically a hair and make-up show.

At the show some top fashion models like Iraj, Jia Ali, Rabab and Maha were there to make the event more colorful and glamorous.

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Obviously, after reading the topic the first to be expected from you is to scroll down the page and read the couples mentioned. But, don’t get yourself thinking that Abhishek and John have finally decided to make it official among the public?

Nope these couples we are talking about are in terms of the on-screen chemistry witnessed between the actors and what appeals the public more. Once a couple creates sparkling on-screen chemistry, the paparazzi are always on their back, hunting for rumors and gossips. Some, simply put if off by saying, we are good friends, while others officially declare their on-screen romance is actually similar in their real life.
Following is the list of celebrity couples are the most “talked about” couples…on and off screen:

5 – Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan 
Starting backwards we have Kareena and Saif Ali Khan, who not only are on-screen love birds but share a real life intense  relationship. After Shahid broke Kareena’s heart, it was Saif who came along on his black horse as a savior to take ther misery away from Kareens’s life and spread his magic in her life.
After Shahid, Kareena found her profound love interest in the Nawab of of Pataudi. Kareena and Saif are so madly in love with one another that it is Heard that Saif went on to get a tatoo of her name imprinted on his arm. Kareena is flying high nowdays! Talk about luck

4 – Ranbir Kappor and Deepika Padukone
So, is it reue about Ranbir and Deepika? Well, it never does get enough for us does it? Sometimes, it seems like the two are madly in love but why do they deny their love interest so much?
Even in the song, “Khuda Jaane,” they look so madly in love.

3 – Abhiskeh Bachchan and John Abraham
Caught your breath, didnt it? Well, the two did look utterly cute and loving in Dostana. Abhishek and John do make the best couple in the movie and they sure did take all the attention to themselves.

2 – Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone
After “Om Shanti Om” jodi of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone have once again proved it that they have an amazing on-screen chemistry in the song ‘Love Mera Hit Hit’. They just looked absolutely wonderful together.

1 – Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif 
‘Singh is King’,’ The “Namaste London” couple are the best onscreen couple so far seen in Bollywood. Although, many had an outrageous reaction to the Akshay and Karina’s duo being seen in many films together such as Salman Khan, but yet nothing changes the fact that they look adorable together.

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In our first part we make you realize that what sorts of problems you might face when you are married. Now we will tell you that how you over come on the problems those are becoming hurdles in your happily married life.

There are so many ways to solve the problems and make the things clear; but all is depend on your wish to make the things comprehensible as soon as possible. Consider the tips given below then you will definitely feel the difference or a nice change in your life.

You may have heard that ‘a person actually is what its communication skill is’. So in order to resolves the issues first of all you need to develop good communication skills, especially while talking to your spouse. The important thing in developing good communications skills is to listen what the other person is saying or want to say. It’s always good to be a good speaker but it’s better to be a good listener.  So listen to your spouse’s point of views regarding to some issue carefully. If you w

If you’ll take interest in his/her matter then he/she will definitely pay attention on what you want to say. In this way both the persons will get the chance to explain their stances; expressing feelings and matters to one another helps them to come closer.

The biggest advantage of listening one another gives you more space to understand each other’s psyche and thinking patterns regarding different aspects of life. Respect the cool temperedness of your spouse.

The most important thing in keeping your spouse happy is to make him/her your first priority. Give your partner as much importance as you can. Give him/her extra time from your daily schedule just to have a relaxing time for both. Respect him from the core of your heart. Almost every person in this whole world want to feel special; this is one of the chapters of human psychology. So make him/her so special, through your love and care that he/she feel proud to have a person like you in his/her life.

Try to share each and every thing of yours with him/her. Make your wife/husband your secret sharer and to have a nice friendly relations as well. Give your partner a sense of safety and satisfaction that you can be the most relay able person for him/her; so that the other person always feel free to share his concerns with you. Sharing & negotiations not only helps you to come close but also it helps in developing trust on one another. Trust no doubt makes a strong base in every relation. So it’s very necessary to have a strong relation of trust between two.

Both can do certain interesting things together, like to walk together especially in the beautiful weather, both can have a cup of coffee together especially late at night while watching a movie, listen to nice music together, etc. Other than these things there is a list of several household things that both the people can do together. Giving importance to your home also makes your spouse happy, as every person in this whole world want to make his home as comfortable as he/she can.

Your little efforts in keeping your spouse happy will definitely give you a ‘Home Sweet Home’.

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Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight.
Georage C. Lichtenberg

Marriage is the name of a religious, social, and luckily can be the love commitment between two individuals for the whole life. This statement works & acceptable equally throughout the world; but ways to celebrate it is different in different religions. Every country, culture or even community has its way to celebrate the marriage functions.

In some religions and countries, it might be a union of two people but in Asian countries like Pakistan it is the union of the two families. No matter love or arrange marriages, but every person belongs to either Groom’s family or from Bride’s relatives participate equally. In this way lot of people plays their role as one of the relatives and involves in the building of a new relation.

In this regard, so many expectations start revolving around both the partners. Expectations come not only from each other relatives’ side but from one another’s as well. As two strangers are going to live together for forever. If you know the person before marriage but even then you haven’t experienced to live with him/her. So many things come around the way, some nice, some naughty or may be some surprising. Yes, there must be something to make you surprise about that person; no matter you know that person before. Like some of the habits of your spouse might surprise you or it might be the new behavior. So be ready to face and accept the new challenges when you are married….

For example, is she so talkative that you can’t bear? Is she so punctual and regular, in short touchy about her assigned tasks and if you are not so touchy? Is he in a habit to sleep more than you? Is he sleeps too late and wakes up too late, and you are in a habit to sleep and to wake early in the morning. Is she an extremists lady, regarding some things and you are a normal man? Is she is very caring about your health and if you are bit careless about taking care of yourself. is she is a short tempered woman and you are a cool tempered man, then regarding all these issues how you will manage the things as soon as possible.

The new compatibility may be different from each other or may be the two with the same nature but different habits. If this is the case, then there is no need to worry because nature comes from the inside of a person and environments & circumstances make the habits. So there can be a chance of improvement. One important thing is that never try to chance the habits of your spouse in a way you want in short span of time.

You need to develop patience first; you might have to give sacrifices regarding your own habits and emotions as well. Just to know the person, to have mental understanding and to have a beautiful home. Staying cool in this beautiful new relation will definitely gives you the desired positive results.

Happy marriage is a second name of ultimate happiness, and you can be having a happily married life if you know how to keep your spouse happy.

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Not long ago from now, there was a time when there were not much options available as to what should be done to edge a dupatta. It was either laces or piping or simple peco. But, today you can style up any way you like.

There is a variety trendy choices you can make you edge your dupatta or even chiffon stole.

Shells, sequins, beads, coins, wooden carved beads, tussles, actually anything you feel would make you look fancy can be tried out, edging all four sides or two sides even.

As far as peco is concerned, the choices are then again many to choose from. Today, apart from simple peco, you can go for choorochhia, chrochect and Japani peco as some call it or leheria, kangora, flat lock, single line and so much more to it than it was ever before.

Although, of course this work is rather more costly than the simple peco, for the reason that special machinery is required for this work and thus, the people in business generate profit quite well.

What with a nicely finished dupatta which can make your outfit look more elegant and sophisticated a few extra charges don’t harm much.

You can try out these designs in constrasting colors and add textures to add a touch of zing to your attire.

With so much you can do and so many designers coming up with refreshing designs in Lawn, who says wearing Lawn can be boring and unexciting?

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You may have heard different collection of jewelry, different artist paintings under one roof etc; but get ready to know about different designer’s fabric anthology in a same place.

A recently opened multi labeled fashion store (Eight Labels) has open its doors for all the trend lovers; to get unique and exciting range of summer collection. You will enjoy a great variety of eight labels. This will give you so many unique, up-coming and stylish ideas both with the eastern & western touch or it can be a combination of both.

In western trendy outfits, James Abidi and Pashmina are here and for some traditional or eastern outfit you will find Jannat and Sadaf, Mahira, Sadiya Nadiya and Samar Shajani.  Last but not least Hala Syed also presented her latest & hot collection. Some fashion models were also there to show the designer’s work in their own fashionable style. Your visits to this seasonal fashion album will definitely assure you that summer has arrived in our country.

Nadia James Abidi’s summer anthology in infused with the summer bust of aquamarine. Her spring/summer line is about seasonal fun and breezy colors. Her work can easily grab the attention of the people particularly teenage girls will like to wear her labeled cloths. Her blend of blues with the green will make you to think about the beach, as inspired by Greece. Ayesha Omar and Nadia Hussain modeled her designs.

Sadiya Nadiya’s affordable and casual outfits also added shine to the store. Nadiya Sohaib and Sadiya Jamil used chiffon with contemporary cuts, some also features embroidery. The designer duo has been working for over seven years. Model Fouzia presents their selections of designs. 

Faisalabad based designs of Jannat shahid and Sadaf’s Prêt collection for spring and summer focuses mainly on the whites and then on the mid-night collection with lots of blacks, emerald greens and blues. The fusion of block prints, caftans and baby doll tops were also added strength in their outfits. Model Amna ilyas presents their designs.

Hala Sayad has something for everyone, according to her. She has become an integral part of labels over the year. She introduced wide legged pants to silky loose tops with off shoulders. She also added elastic to the sleeves and played with whites and printed embellishments. Hala’s designs accommodate ladies as they are easy to wear, comfortable and affordable. Rubab and Neha modeled her designs.

Atiya Khan, ex-super model turned journalists showed her collection that sounds Katans and tunics. She seems inspired by ancient Islamic traditions of Morocco, Turkey and even the Mughal era. She presented a bold and new look of woman outfits with the almost all bright colors and dense embellishment.  Her ‘Sufi’ collection of out fits was modeled by Turbaned Nadia and Arisha Bano.
A true fashion observer Maheen Karim is one of the Label’s star designer also showed her highly exclusive designs. She designs her fabric with the true fashion sense. She is considered as perfectionist from the concept of outfit design. Fayeza Ansari showed her golden collection.

Samar Shajani a 25 years old young and new fashion designer made her first safe and sound appearance by displaying her collection as well at labels. She is a graduate from the Asian School of Fashion Design. She worked on the eastern outfits with the fine cuts and elegant embellishment. Model Maha presented her first fashion collection there.

Islamabad based designer Pashmina Ahmad introduced foreign trained fashion designs, as she came Pakistan after graduating from the London School of Fashion.  Her collection steers away from conventionalism and bravery borders on cutting edge trendiness. You will see a disco-chic fun element running deep in her collection. Feeha Jamshed modeled her outfits. 

 So people do visit this multi labeled fashion extravaganza and enhance your beauty by adding different colors in your life.  

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