Style Up your Dupatta

Not long ago from now, there was a time when there were not much options available as to what should be done to edge a dupatta. It was either laces or piping or simple peco. But, today you can style up any way you like.

There is a variety trendy choices you can make you edge your dupatta or even chiffon stole.

Shells, sequins, beads, coins, wooden carved beads, tussles, actually anything you feel would make you look fancy can be tried out, edging all four sides or two sides even.

As far as peco is concerned, the choices are then again many to choose from. Today, apart from simple peco, you can go for choorochhia, chrochect and Japani peco as some call it or leheria, kangora, flat lock, single line and so much more to it than it was ever before.

Although, of course this work is rather more costly than the simple peco, for the reason that special machinery is required for this work and thus, the people in business generate profit quite well.

What with a nicely finished dupatta which can make your outfit look more elegant and sophisticated a few extra charges don’t harm much.

You can try out these designs in constrasting colors and add textures to add a touch of zing to your attire.

With so much you can do and so many designers coming up with refreshing designs in Lawn, who says wearing Lawn can be boring and unexciting?

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