Why Cleansing is so important?

According to some beauticians, if you are in a habit to do cleansing on regular basis then you don’t need to visit beauty parlors.

Cleansing is very important for all types of skin and in all seasons. In spring season skin pores gets open and then they will have more chances to absorb dust. To avoid from these problems cleansing is best to keep your face neat & clean. Only washing your face with soap & water doesn’t help it much to remove dust. If simple cleansing doesn’t click you then try deep cleansing. It’s always good to do cleansing twice at a time. At first time it almost removes the dirt from your face and second time it simply gives you fresh look.

Cleansing simply means cleanness; of the skin. Our skin gets affected due to our exposure to pollution, smoke, dust etc. These harmful elements develop a layer on our face, which makes us to look dull.

Without cleansing you might have developed black heads on your face and it of course tear down the beauty of your face. No matter how good your skin type is; but black head demolish the glow of the face.
There are lots of cleansers easily available in the markets for cleansing, but always prefer some quality cleanser of some renowned & slandered company. Milk cleanser is also a best option. You can also make some cleanser at your home. Always keep your skin tone in your mind while cleansing. For dry skin, take ½ cup water, add 2 drops of olive oil in it and then add 6-5 drops of glycerin. It will deeply clean your face and makes you to feel fresh. For normal skin, take equal quantity of rose water and chill water. Apply it on your face to give you a glowing look. You can also try herbal cleanser as well. Try to do toning of your face before cleansing, as toner keeps the P-h level of your face in a balance.

There are some steps to do cleansing like start doing cleansing from the neck while using your two fingers. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise, then comes on chin & cheeks in the circular movements. Move in the upward & outward directions gently and then come on the forehead. Do not forget nose, and the portion between lips and nose, as black heads usually develops on the nose. This process simply fastens the blood flow of your face.

After massage for few minutes remove the dirt with a soft tissue or with a piece of cotton. Wash your face after some time with some standard mild beauty soap or with a face wash. Also it’s good to use scrub after it, but you need to take some precautionary measures while using scrub.

So protect the beauty and freshness of your face by developing the habit of ‘Cleansing’ on daily basis.

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