Gossip Chairs

Gossip Chairs

Even when it comes to furniture, very few items specifically are named which defines their purpose and usage as vividly as possible. For example chairs. We have dining chairs, easy chairs, rocking chairs, reading chairs and etc. although all are types of chairs, but just a few variations in names and usage.

But, did you ever hear about ‘gossip chairs’? Gossip chairs, first designed during the French Renaissance, was specially designed to accommodate women’s favorite pastime – GOSSIP!

Caquetoire – commonly known as the gossip chair – has been derived from French word caqueter, which means ‘to chat’. They were first started to come in use during the era when women used to dress up in flowing farthingale skirts which rather required wide spacious chairs to sit comfortably in. Therefore, the caquetoire chairs were designed to accommodate woman in their voluminous attires.

The shape of a gossip chair is in any way close to other chairs which are rather square or rectangular. This wooden chair is rather designed in a trapezoidal or triangular seat fashioned in wider a front base and narrowing at the back. The arm rests are rounded in a u-shape to afford more room for the large skirts. The back is high and paneled, with beautifully carved designs and engravings.

Over the years, the gossip chairs have undergone various changes in design. Commonly, oak and walnut tree wood is used to manufacture these interesting chairs. The normal height measures are around 40-45 inches and width casually between 20-25 inches.

These chairs were hardly manufactured in pairs, so finding two chairs of the same design is rare.

Today, these chairs are used as either desk chairs or serve as the head of the table chair in dining room.

Some people have a great passion for collecting antiques and various artifacts. Using their interior decoration skills, they are always trying to enhance the look of their home and why shouldn’t one?

For all those who have an obsession with old wooden Victorian style furniture, furnish your drawing room with Caquetoires neatly cornered against the wall or position them near your window.

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The tiny bits of fennel fruits – ‘saunf’ in common lingo – are an integral part of out diet, especially South-East Asians. Saunf is a delightful ingredient used especially in various delectable South-Asian food items. The plant is related to the parsley family, attributing yellowish flowers and is likely to grow as tall as eight feet.

Fennel exudes a sweet, warm liquorice odor. While formerly originated from Southern Europe, fennel is grown commercially in Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Hungry and Romania.

Fennel is used both as a vegetable as well as a spice.



Each part of the plant – the seeds, leaves, stalks and the bulb – are suitable for eating. It can be chopped into soups and salads or even added in moth-watering stews and delicious sir-fry vegetables. Its leaves with a feathery texture are also conveniently used in various healthy dishes.

The ridged fennel seeds are used as flavoring agents in assorted food items such as breads, bakery products, entrees, vegetable dishes, tomato soups and tomato-based sauces and not to mention, sweet saccharine deserts such as apple pies.

Everything in nature has numerous benefits. Fennel fruit has substantial amount of medicinal value and is often used as a home remedy for many illnesses and health complaints.

Moreover, Fennel seeds when boiled in water are used to feeding infants and children in the form of drops. Theses drops act as digestive carminative and further aid in reducing flatulence, indigestion and colic.

Fennels seeds are also used in preparing tea. Using a few well-crushed pieces of fennel seeds and dissolving them into hot water is helpful in easing a persistent cough. Not just that it also helps in loosening phlegm.

Did you know that fennel seeds are actually used as an agent for lowering your appetite? True it is. Fennel seeds make a healthy constituent of weight-loss programs. Normally, people think that fennel seeds are used to increase appetite, which is a false perception. It has an advantage more beneficial than this pre-conceived notion.

If you often complain of stiff and painful joints, mix crushed fennel seeds in water and form a paste. Use this paste in the affected areas, and notice how rapidly you’ll be relieved.

You would be surprised to know that fennel seeds are greatly effective in providing remedy for insomnia. Fennel seeds, when boiled in water and mixed with milk serves as the best cure for sleeplessness. Not just that, it is very effective for headaches, earaches and gruff voice.

So why wait? Get the amazing benefits from fennel fruit or ‘saunf’ right away!

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Way to Dress

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Dress which Suits you

Dress which Suits you

Your dressing tells you at times. You may have heard this common saying so many times that first impression is the last impression.

Your way of dressing plays very important role in this context. Very first step towards good dressing is to wear according to your age group. This habit surly suit you and you will look sensible. If you will try to look younger than your actual age, this step may give you boaster look. It’s like flying your own kite. On the other hand try to avoid wearing those dresses or colors which can give you older look, from your actual age. It’s the odd thing which you do, to look much younger. But if you are really going to start your journey of old age or leaving your young age, then you must change your dressing with the change of your body. You need to adopt the dressing which is easy to wear and give you comfort. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the colors of life, you must refresh yourself by different means.

In dressing colors matter a lot. The colors you mostly like to wear can tell about the nature of your behaviors and attitudes. For example if you love to wear mostly bright and eye catchy colors. It means that you are bit jolly, might be little bit talkative and social person, and you love to remain in mass. You are full of life and want to enjoy most of the time as much as you can. You simply need others attention towards yourself.  On the contrary if you love to wear light and sober colors, it means that you are not show off person. Usually you don’t like to have crowd around you. You are less talkative, deep thinker, can be good decision maker and sometimes love to be alone.

Other then age and color, there are so many other important things you need to focus while selecting dress to wear, like your culture & religion. You must keep your cultural and religious norms with you, not only in your dressing but in every move of your life.

Another important thing is not to wear the dress of your opposite gender. It’s the worst thing you do with yourself and with your norms. Man should look like a man, and a woman should look like a woman.

One can judge your personality through your dressing, or it can be the way to predict your personality. So, be careful.

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Nature gave us the delicious and colorful gift of dry fruits, in order to remove the dryness from our life.

Especially in winter season, the dry fruits remain in their bloom. The countries or cities, those remain cold throughout the year always have dry fruits all the time. Other then juicy fruits, these dry fruits are also a big source of nutrition’s.

Whether they are chewy dried apricots or crispy pine nuts, salty pistachios, bittersweet walnuts or sugary raisins, or crunchy hazelnuts, dry fruits are a big source of providing you energy and lame you healthy. Mostly are rich in oils, they provide energy in the form of lipids (fatty acids, especially mono and poly saturated ones). These are the forms of fats; your body required the most. They don’t make you fat, if you will consume them normally. They can simply make you healthy and active.

Actually these are the unsaturated form of fats which make you really fat, with having no such serious benefits. But the fats contain in dry fruits are really good for your healthy. They are also a rich source of calorie, like (2510kg/100g or 600kcal/100g) etc.  Other then healthy fats and calories, dry fruits and nuts contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients including fibers, minerals, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins the most. They contain many types of vitamins, for example, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C and E).

According to one research, dry fruits are also beneficial in healing process. Due to the high dietary fiber present in them, it aid against the corpulence, high blood pressure and reasons those can cause the chances for heart disease.

The plentiful benefits of dry fruits are not restricted there. Some dry fruits like, pistachio, when taken with milk and sugar gives you freshness. Some like almonds enhances your power memory & eyesight. Raisins, improves the process of digestion, good for eyes and throat, etc. well almost all dry fruits purifies your blood and all gives you energy in much extent.

Besides all these basic benefits, dry fruits have their necessary place in so many other fields. In most of the chocolate industries, dry fruits must be there to add more taste and nutrition. Dry fruits coated chocolate make much healthier pack, which is too good particularly for the kids. Other then chocolates, cookies and cakes, some desserts remain incomplete without the addition or sprinkle of dry fruits.

So, in order to take a well balanced & more delicious diet, you should include dry fruits in your diet to make yourself healthy and active.

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Let’s do something New

Let’s do something New

“You may feel messy some times, and become fed up because of the routine monotony in your life?
If yes, than you need to bring some great changes in your routine life, through very small little deeds, so that you will feel big difference.”

In order to do this, first of all you should prepare a sort of schedule for your bright future. If not exactly a proper schedule, than at least a little time table for some tasks to do or to implement in your life. You must have some dreams and aims to achieve, you should try to achieve them, but why don’t we think beyond our daily work life? It can be a little ray of bright in some darkness.

Try to manage the things in a unique way, you haven’t done it before. Like make the list of your daily basis important tasks, that today or that day you have to do this particular task. You can have your small pocket dairy with you, in which you can write whole day’s important tasks.

 If you are a much busy person and have lots of things to do in one day than this idea will help you a lot.
Another important thing that you can do is to generate ideas randomly, means so many times in a day, about what to do next or the next day. This habit will save your time will make you a good planner.

 Try to waste your precious time as much as possible. In this regard, you need to be bit more quick. No matter you already an active & punctual personality. Even decrease your luxuries or relax timings. When you will do this you will surprisingly got extra time to accomplish your remaining tasks.  Other then fulfilling our duties, we got some time usually for watching T.V, chatting with friends on internet or on phone, long drive or for our other hobbies. Try to utilize this time in some fruitful work.


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The Famous ‘Mall of Lahore’ standing tall in the greens of Lahore’s beautiful Cantonment area is a hub of exciting brands and fascinating shopping outlets.

Mall Of Lahore - a hub of Designers

Mall Of Lahore – a hub of Designers

Just last week, various top-notch fashion gurus have launched their collection unanimously under roof of a one multi-branded outlet – the Designers. The ground floor of the bravura building is filled with country’s best known brands.

The ground floor of The Mall, laden with finest collections by Pakistani fashion designers will gradually provide fashion aficionados with a wider selection to pick from in terms of clothes and designer fabrics. Displayed under assorted brands, the pompous collection with the emblematical designer cut and fashion, it is bound to make you feel all enthusiastic and excited.

With names like Deepak Perwani, HSY, Nomi Ansari, Mehdi, Umer Batool and many others whose prêt line is at display, are successfully attracting crowds to the outlet. The Designers is where buyers have a variety to choose from, having both men’s and women’s top brands collectively under one roof. Although this concept of having the work of various designers in a single outlet isn’t quite novel in Lahore.

Next time, you choose to visit a designer’s outlet, make sure you stop by The Designers at Mall of Lahore. You are sure to find anything you want under one roof.

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Life is to live not to spent, is a common saying. So, in order to live the life with its full bloom, we need celebrations, smiles, beauty, light, freshness and colors.

Life is a combination of our feelings, emotions, attitudes, and passions etc. one way to express these beautiful sentiments is colors. Those who love colors, trust colors and like to express their feelings & happiness through colors are their self beautiful people by nature. The fragrance of their colors is not limited their self but they spread their fragrance all around them.

Colors have strong effect in each and every minute of life. May be this is the reason that at the beginning of every year PANTONE (world color authority) give one color, the title of ‘color of the year’.  There are lots of reasons behind to choose one particular color.

Yellow Color, with its full Bloom

Yellow Color, with its full Bloom

The Pantone, world color authority have selected MIMOSA (yellow color), as the color of 2009. The biggest reason to choose this color is that today world needs hope and light the most of all in the present scenario. World need to bring a bright ray of light, hope, freshness, peace, passion to do the right etc. so, in order to bring all these beautiful regarding  of nature among people. A yellow color seems to help the most to perform this responsibility.

Yellow color is a versatile color; it has ability to merge easily with the other colors with specifying its own dignity. Not only in fashion and style world has the yellow color kept its own importance in the home and decor tasks as well.

Yellow color contains almost all the natural compliments of the sun. It is a very friendly color, as being the color of sun light; it reflects the feelings of a new day, a new horizon of life. As sun is the hub of energy, similarly yellow color is a mixture of shine, happiness, passion. Especially its golden yellowish shade is full of energy.

According to some researchers, almost all the eatables of yellow color are too much nutritious and very good for health, like banana is very good for health. This color is also very beneficial for digestive system and for the mind, especially for nervous system.

In flowers, yellow color is present in so many different shapes to spread fragrance. Like sunflower, moon beem, yellow rose, etc.

So, enjoy this beautiful and mind blowing yellow color in this year 2009 with its full bloom.

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