Trend Tuesday – Mani Magic That’s Artsy

Mani Magic That's Artsy
Mani Magic That's Artsy

All about Essie Nail different designs and shades about bails.

What is a manicure without a splash of art? It's no secret that women have taken an interest in decking up their nails with a slight shimmer, some polka dots or a mixture of coloured stripes and well, they look fabulous so why not?

Here's a compilation of 10 do-it-yourself nail art designs inspired by essie. They look so stunning that you'll fool anyone they weren't applied in a salon!







 1) Contemporary Camo

contemporary camo

2) French Pastel

french pastel

3) French Plum

french plum

4) Hearts on hearts

hearts on hearts

5) Moon Shadow

Moon shadow

6) Picking Wildflowers

Picking flowers

7) Polo Strip

Polo strip

8) Tribal French

tribal french

9) Watercolor Floral

watercolor floral

10) Winter's Edge

Winter;s edge