The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Summer Shoes

Summers are all set to approach with all its excitement and heat. While we are getting ready to face the summers, we are equally excited for the new fashion trends and fun day outs. There are many qualities of summer and one of them is sweat.

When it comes to the heat of summers, how can we forget the bad smell that comes due to heavy sweat after a hot day activities. As the moist shoe comes off from the foot, the powerful pungent smell slaps everyone around and makes the environment reeking.

If you are pissed off by this stinky feet problem and want to make best of your summer shoes, following are simple ideas to beat your stinky-foot syndrome this summer.


Toothpaste is a wonderful thing and its functionality is not just limited to your teeth. You can clean many other things with toothpaste.


Give your summer shoes a fresh clean touch by rubbing and cleaning the tiny cervices of your shoes with toothbrush and toothpaste. For this process, you can make use of your old toothbrushes that are just a waste for you.

Freezer Therapy

This might sound bit odd to you, but it really works. You can pull out the stink out of your smelly summer shoes by putting them in the freezer. However, you have to be cautious of not making your freezer a mess. To avoid this, first put your shoes in a zip lock plastic bag first.


The zipper bag will prevent the shoe stink from spreading all up in your freezer. Though, this method would not kill all the germs and bacteria, but it can be considered as an easy beginning step to bang the stench.

Baking Soda Recipe

To deal the bad stink of your summer shoes, you need to do some serious business. You can make an effective mixture to kill the bad smell of your shoes by some basic things that you can easily find in your home.

baking soda

All you have to do is to make a mixture of baking soda, dish washing liquid or soap, hydrogen peroxide solution, and some elbow grease. Apply this mixture into the surfaces of your shoes and this will take out most stains along with the terrible stink out of them.

Machine Wash

machine wash

After cleaning your smelly shoes with any of the above methods, you can give them a final touch of cleanliness by an overall machine wash bath. Toss them in the washer and dryer for super cleaning and freshness. It is best to remove the laces from the shoes when putting in the washer. Always make sure to do all this cautiously as some shoes can seriously damage your dryer.

Change your Insoles


While summer sweat is the biggest culprit of the stinky aroma, but there are other hidden causes as well. Whether you have bought your shoes even a month before, the soles of some shoes aggravate the bad smell. Sometimes, it is the material of some insoles that makes them more dank and stinky. If you feel so, ditch your old pair of insoles and replace them with a new fresh pair. With this little change, you will be happy to notice the big difference and feel more comfortable wearing them in gatherings.

Wear Socks

We know socks are not suitable to wear on all pair of shoes. Wearing socks at workplace is a good idea to reduce the sweating odor to some extent. However, carrying socks with shorts surely doesn’t pair well.


For a casual day out, you can wear no-show socks inside your shoes. You will feel more confident during your hang-out trip with friends, as the no-show socks will absorb the excess sweat from your feet and will drastically reduce your swamp-foot stink, thus resulting in lesser odor at the end. These helpful and small ideas are just to help around in beating up the summer foot stink problem and make you feel fresh all day long.

By following these simple remedies and smart ways, you can surely get rid of your stinky feet this summer. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene to stay fresh this summer.

Smelly shoes and summer goes side by side. Make your shoes clean and enjoy this summer without getting worried about the bad stink of your summer shoes.

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