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How To Do Feet Whitening Pedicure at Home

We all love to flaunt glowing skin. Women spend hours to pamper their face and body but neglect pampering their feet. This results in severe tan either due to sun exposure or due to wearing of different kinds of footwear.


Your Guide to Nail Art: Different Techniques and Some Amazing Designs

We can continue on and on with so many different, unique and amazing nail art designs but it is beyond the scope of this article. You can even use your own creativity to formulate some designs on your own and if they turn out well, do give them a try. Hope you found this article meaningful and useful


Gel Nail Art Or Acrylic Nail Art?

Over the past two decades, usage of fake nails and nail arts have become as common and as popular as tattoos.


7 Beautiful Bow Nail Art Designs

These designs look super cute and they can be easily painted without a lot of hassles. All you need is a little practice and the right technique to get them on your nails.