The Vertu Aster Yosegi Wood Limited Edition Smartphone

The limited edition Vertu Aster Yosegi Wood is a perfect blend of Vertu’s exquisite British craftsmanship and the stunning 200 year old Japanese art of Yosegi-zaiku.

Combining the beautiful marquetry pattern created through Yosegi with the unmistakable aesthetic of the Aster, we have developed something truly unforgettable.

In order to bring this latest addition to life, we developed a completely new method for applying Yosegi wood to this phone. This method starts with the original creation of a Yosegi pattern; gluing together oblong timber rods into a block which contains an intricate geometric pattern.

The section surface of this pattern is cut into incredibly thin veneers showcasing the sublime Ichimatsu-Ajiro checkerboard detailing in all its sophisticated beauty.

The veneer is then delicately wrapped around the phone, creating an almost impossible to believe effect as the wooden detailing curves around the phone. This veneer is then treated with up to 6 layers of hand applied lacquer with repeated sanding and polishing to create a superb and protective gloss finish.

In conceiving this beautiful phone, Vertu mobile has forged a partnership with Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha’s long history of working with luxury wooden finishes and Vertu’s constant quest for excellence makes this Aster a stunning addition to our range.

This limited edition, showcasing the beautifully woven pattern, is limited to 50 pieces only and includes a unique complementary case.

Aster Yosegi Wood fuses traditional Japanese art with material innovation and contemporary design.

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