Sand Racing Car Made in UAE

The Zarooq sand racer is definitely a racing car, it is aggressive, imposing and yet very agile. Its line like no other will stand out on the dunes, in races or on the road.

There is clearly something Italian about its flair, and modern style; there is something of the German precision in its chassis; There is something American about its raw power but I definitely is a car born in the UAE desert.

The spectacular Zarooq Sand Racer, specifically designed for the desert, yet it is street legal. The beastly dune jumper is powered by an impressive Nissan 3.5-liter V6 engine with 309 HP and 371 Nm, and equipped with a sequential gearbox, heavy-duty suspension, and some seriously knobby tires.

The high-performance buggy is handmade, with many bespoke options available in terms of performance, equipment or car body choice. Available in January 2016.

The Zarooq “Sand Racer” is the first car made in the UAE and specifically designed for the desert.

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