Make the Hair on Your Arms Lighter in a Convenient Way

Shaving, getting rid of unwanted hair etc is all a part of personal hygiene. Unwanted hair removal is not only essential for women but also for men. But at times removing hair can be a lot of hassle and if a razor is used then problems like dryness of skin, itching etc are likely to happen. Therefore, it is best advisable to opt for lightening the hair than removing them. It is quick, easy and very convenient.

Bleach it!

The best way to lighten the hair on arms is to use good bleach. Many different bleach manufacturing brands provide good kits which facilitate you with proper directions of how to carry out the process. The process is simple for lightening hair with bleach; all you need to do is go through the instructions carefully. Normally, a bleaching kit for hair lightening consists of a spatula, accelerator and the cream with a set of instructions.

It must be kept in mind that you are planning to lighten the hair on arms, therefore, quite a large amount of bleach would be needed. So it’s better to buy a bigger pack of bleach rather than the regular ones.
If you are prone to allergies, rashes or other such problems then don’t start off with the bleach suddenly, rather test on a small area of your body first and then wait for 24 hours to see if some reaction happens or not.
How to carry out the process?

Mix the accelerator and the cream in a required amount as stated in the instruction of the bleach kit. Then start to apply it with the spatula or a butter knife on the top of your arm and gradually come down. Once it is applied, wait for the hair lightening process to be carried out. Leave it at least for 10-15 minutes but not more than 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, start observing if the hair has lightened or not.

Then, use a butter knife or the spatula of the kit to remove the bleach and wash the arms with cool water. Never take shower or apply soap or body wash on skin after bleach as it all causes irritation and opening of pores. Keep the things simple, just wash your arms with cool water and them dry them out with a towel.
One thing you need to know about bleach is that it surely makes hair thinner but at the same time, it makes hair grow longer. Therefore, if needed, you a hair trimmer sometime after the bleach to get rid of long hair on arms.
Essential Tips

Some tips that you need to follow once you are done with the bleach is that do not expose your skin to sunlight as the skin is sensitive at that time and harmful allergies and rashes may arise. Moreover, do not scratch the place where you applied bleach with your nails, it will do nothing but more irritation. It is best to use a butter knife to scratch a bit if needed strongly. Lastly, do not lighten your hair too much if you have a dark hair color as it looks very odd and embarrassing. So try out bleaching your hair on arms soon and enjoy the results afterwards!

To look clean, tidy and hair free there are number of ways to get your arms hair lighter. Bleach is one of the best ways.

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