Golf wedges

Golf wedges play an important role in golf. It helps golfers play most of the shots from 120 yards during a round of golf. Different types of golf wedge, help you achieve dramatic results in varying degrees.

  • Pitching wedge: It is the least striking club of all scoring clubs. It is an extension of golf iron which comes with the purchase of golf clubs. This golf wedge is a part of golf beginners, bag and can strike the ball so hard that the ball can fly high at a good distance. This golf wedge is used to make longer approach shots into the green, longer sand or bunker shots and low chip shots.
  • Gap wedge: This type of golf wedge is the gap of 20 yards between a pitching wedge that the average golfer hits 110-`125 yards and a sand wedge that they hit about 80-90 yards. It is hard to hit a soft pitching golf wedge and a hard sand wedge. Hitting a golf gap wedge can help you make a nice full swing. It is available in a variety of lofts ranging from 46 to 54 degrees. It is also called dual wedges and approach golf wedge. Gap wedges are often called dual wedges and approach wedges.
  • Lob wedge: Lob wedge is one of the best gold clubs which is a must part of an amateur golfer or a pro golfer. They are also called finesse clubs they are used for touch shots on the green. Such shots are lifted easily into the air. The highest and shortest lofted of all irons, lob wedge varies in a range of lofts between 60 and 65 degrees. You can use these wedges from the rough or the fairway. These wedges can help you make large swing in a short distance.
  • Sand wedges: They are the superb golf clubs that are useful from the sand, the grass and the fairway as well. It stands out from the golf clubs of other categories because of its flexibility and functionality. It weighs the heaviest in a set of golf clubs due to the excess metal in its bounce. It is necessary for making recovery shots and the sand wedge comes in a range of lofts between 54 and 58 degrees. The ball struck by sand wedge can stop quickly on the greens.

Golf wedges play an important role in golf. It helps golfers play most of the shots from 120 yards during a round of golf.

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