ColorWare Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones

One of the major drawbacks of earphones is that their wire is slightly delicate and they are more prone to damage than the headphones. After investing in a good music player or a portable music player the next big investment needs to be high end headphones.

Headphones can drastically change the quality of sound and it is a lot of fun using them. These days the way technology is moving there are a lot of high end headphones available in the market. ColorWare has been working in this regard and Dre are one of the most popular. Recently they came up with ColorWare Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones.

This special edition has a dramatic effect to the headphones because of their color changing factor. The finish is funky and comes in so many different colors such as blue to warm red, purple and copper, red to gold, red to orange, gold and maroon, and Gold to Silver-color shifts from gold to radiant, yet icy, silvery blue and green. These colors give your headphones a very cool and funky look. These are a special edition headphones are will be very exclusive and they are worth Rs. 87000. They are expensive headphones but if someone can buy them it is a great buy.

Headphones or earphones are the most important thing for music lovers after their smart phones and music players. A good pair of headphones is like a good investment for music lovers. ColorWare Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones are one of t

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