Beat Your Chest Hair

Chest hair is considered to be the representation of maleness. However, new generation doesn’t like chest hair and most of time they prefer to shave chest hair. Now hair removal is not only confined to shaving your face. Do you want to remove forest of hair from your chest? Removal of hair is not only for face but it is all about the removing all unsightly hair. Here is an easy way to remove chest hair without lot of precautionary measures. Clean up all the grizzly mess under your shirt.

1. The coarseness and pattern of hair varies from men to men. What method you choose for removing is your prerogative. For starters, you can use any removing cream or waxing. If you want to stay neat and clean without grizzly mess, electrolysis is best option. But among all these options, shaving is the convenient and easiest way of removing. You must go with shaving with the normal razor.

For the best removing of hair, your razor must be of good quality. Make sure that razor which you are going to use for removing chest hair should have a pivoting head and multiple blades. It will give you a smooth shave without any cuts and nicks. Don’t compromise on quality in order to get desired results.

2. The longer your hair, the more painful it will be to remove. For starters, it is ideal to trim hair down as short as possible. This will reduce the chances of pain. After trimming hair, it is necessary to soften your hair. For making hair soft, take a bath for five minutes in warm water which will soften your chest hair and skin which make closer shave easy.

3. You can also exfoliate the desired portion. It will remove dead skin cells and make it easy to remove hair easily. Exfoliation has a benefit that it minimizes ingrown hair also.

4. Before shaving, use pre-shaving oil. A couple of drops on your skin work as barrier so that razor will glide over your skin. The oil will smooth the skin by moisturizing and also prevents razor injuries, irritation and ingrown hairs.

5. Now apply removing cream on dampen skin. Skin which is too wet will run out the cream so avoid applying cream on too wet skin. Use a spatula to apply cream on your chest hair. Now leave it for few seconds. Use a firm touch and always shave in opposite direction of hair growth. So before removing hair, watch the direction of hair growth.

Always adjust the blade shaving direction according to the direction opposite to hair growth. While removing hair keep your skin tight. Don’t go over repeatedly on the same area because it can cause irritation. Be extra careful while removing from collar bone and around the nipple area.  

6. During removing hair, make sure to clean blade in between strokes. Otherwise a clogged razor will make it difficult to remove hair.

7. After removing hair, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry. Don’t forget to apply after shave cream. It will keep your skin safe from all type of irritations.

Hair removing is not only confined to shaving face anymore. Removing is related to all unsightly hair. Do you want to get rid of grizzly mess on your chest? Probably yes! For removing forest of hair from chest, here is an easy and convenient way.

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