9 Ways For Men To Nail Summer Style

Time is going by, things are moving forward and so should your style. Looking like you did a few summers ago is boring and doesn’t inspire the kind of excitement that will draw good things your way. It’s the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and think about trying out some new summer outfits this year. No matter your budget or how much time you have to spare,

Following these style tips (all or just some of them) will go a long way in updating your look.


7 – Keep Your Body Hair In Check

men hair removing

Warmer weather means exposing more skin and more body hair. A lot of guys have excess body hair that needs to be groomed. Some body parts, like your back, are not negotiable — get it waxed. (Tip: Make sure there is no hair between your back and the line where your hair on your head begins. Unruly hairs creeping out from the back of your T-shirt is a turnoff.)

Other body parts, however, like your chest, are negotiable; you’ll have to consider your preference, budget and what the woman in your life thinks. Major areas like your back and chest are well-suited for waxing. This video goes over what you need to know.

6 – Find A Signature Accessory

mens fashion accessories

Summer fashion for men can get boring. Unlike women, who can wear dresses, skirts, high heels, etc., men are relegated to shorts and T-shirts. The answer to this challenge lies in accessories. A handkerchief worn as a pocket square, a vintage leather backpack — these are accessories that give basic outfits more character.

We think hats are a good choice for the summer because they protect your head and face from the sun. There’s a lot of room for error when choosing a hat, so we enlisted the help of our friend Mr. Mort to walk your through finding the perfect hat.

5 – Wear More Color

mens jeans

And by color, we don’t mean a lighter version of your blue jeans. Show of hands: How many of you only wear black, blue, white and gray? How boring. Dark colors looks jarring under the sun, so this summer, don’t be afraid to inject your wardrobe with some much-needed color. A pair of chinos, a button-down, a wallet, sneakers — they all work as colorful alternatives to the usual rotation.

4 – Protect Your Skin

mens skin tips

You know you’re suppose to wear sunscreen year round, right? And how many of you do? How many of you apply it to your face every day in the summer? That has to change, because you don’t want to put your health at risk and you don’t want to speed up the aging process.

Look for a lightweight moisturizer that has SPF built in (SPF 30 or higher). Some also come with a built-in self-tanner, which will give you that awesome summer tan.

3 – Lighten Up

men scent

Think one cologne is enough? Think again. As the seasons change, so should your scent. Citrus-y scents work best in warmer weather, while spicy and woodsy notes are best for fall.

2 – Get A Haircut – Every Three Weeks

mens hairstyles

Ask a woman what she notices about a man, and hair, without fail, will be mentioned. How you wear your hair in the summer is arguably the most important time of the year to care, because it goes a long way in separating us  from the rest of the T-shirt-and-shorts-wearing crowd.

1 – Stop Wearing Flip-Flops Everywhere

summer footwear

It’s so tempting to make flip-flops your go-to shoes in the summer. This is the season that has us operating at a slower pace, has us at more barbecues and beach parties than we know what to do with, and flip-flops just fit this picture perfectly, don’t they?


We can’t say this enough: Flip-flops belong at the beach and the pool, and that’s pretty much it. Wearing them to the office will result in some serious SMHs. Some of the AskMen employees have rolled into the office in them, and they paid the price. So, please, don’t be an offender this summer. Choose a boat shoe, low-top sneakers, desert boots, leather sandals — there are more than enough options, guys.

It's the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and think about trying out some new summer outfits for men this year.

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