You and your room color!

Selecting colors for your dreary room is the most difficult task; sometimes our favorites of colors lose charm when it comes to painting a room and we feel like caught amidst a spectrum of dazzling color combinations, thinking what to choose!

But we got some amazing facts to share to make it easy for you while selecting a color theme for your home and bedroom. The first thing to consider while you make your decision is to know the impact of different colors on our psyche and moods. Yes colors do have a language of their own! They affect our mood, temperament and even our appetite for that matter. So, before you paint every room, read on to know the science of every color and identify the mood.

Color wheel is usually divided into three groups: warm colors, calm colors and neutralWarm colors such as red, orange and yellow bring about a sense of energy; passion and adventure but they also expose our vulnerable and fidgety side. Whereas, calm colors create a serene and tranquil mood and then there are neutral that are used with every color to create a perfect balance. Read on in detail the effect of every color:

Red: It is the most intense color. It causes excitement and draw people together while stirring up good conservation. However, the over dose of red can raise blood pressure and heart rate. Red creates perfect romantic and warm ambiance at night when the room is lamp lit. Ideal for couple bedroom but should be painted in minimum space.

Yellow: Yellow is what we call a happy color, just like a warm sunny day. This is a great color for kitchen to give it a happy, healthy and lively look. But don’t paint it too bright or it will have opposite effect. The more pastel the color the better! Always contrast yellow with the calmer tones for a perfect balance. Too much of bright yellow can cause irritation and anger. Don’t paint yellow in kids’ room as they’ll have a harder time sleeping in a bright yellow color.

Orange: Orange is the most energetic color; it’s really like a Vitamin C dose and elevates our energy levels. This color works great in workout room or any place, where you want your energy levels to increase and wants to have a more exciting feeling.

Green: Green rooms are considered the most restful, especially to the eyes. In the kitchen, a medium shade of green cools things down. In the living room, it encourages unwinding but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness. In the bedroom, it’s relaxing and pleasant and helps people to reduce stress and be more relaxed.

Blue: Blue typically has a more calming effect. It can actually lower blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed. Some colors of blue like teal, sky blue can give you more of a cool feeling but darker colors of blue can have the opposite effect.

Purple: Hmm the purple, the most favorite, when it comes to girls is an ideal and dreamy color for girls and even for couples. It gives you the feeling of surreal richness and sophistication. It triggers imagination and makes you more creative along with being restful and cool.

Neutrals: Finally we have neutral colors, the whites, black, browns, grays and beige. Obviously too much black can cause a room to feel gloomy but hints of black scattered in the room will add distinction. These colors are always in and never go out of style, and the great thing about these colors is that you can balance any color with them to create a perfect ambiance of your mood.

So this summer, go for cool hues to keep you calm and serene during the hot headed heat of summer! 


Do you know your room color not only reflect your personality but also affect it in thousand different ways!

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