Wonderful Hallway ideas for your Home

Hallways are always the tricky bit when you are thinking about interior designs. Sometimes people see them as only passageways and don’t seem interested in wasting their time and energy to decorate that space. However, what most people don’t realize is that Hallways can be the best storage place if you have minimum storage within your house and they can be helpful for you to create a style statement.

For some dwellers, hallways are the entrance passageways to their houses. Keeping that space decorated and creative is a must to give a fresh and healthy look for visitors to see. Here are some interesting ideas for you to get started with:

For narrow, small space it is necessary for you to keep in mind that too much furniture will make it look congested. Keeping the hall way less cluttered and more open is the key. You can always add in a large frame mirror to make it look wider and more spacious. Decorate the space with light toned console pieces.


Give your hallway entrance of the house a bright makeover, and commence with decorative details that can exploit the available space by adding a narrow settee or console. Such furniture is best for an entrance hallway as it helps you define the area and gives a much sophisticated look. You can always place small bench chairs if a console doesn’t seem like a good idea.


Make sure the hallway is perfectly lit up. Up lighters or wall lights are a best way to do that. It is both practical and decorative. You can always use sky lights to a narrow space as well. A plain and basic replacement of a hard roof with a glass one can make a huge difference to the narrow hallway. It can bring in more light and can give a natural calm and serene effect of nature itself.

Best way to utilize a hallway id to make use of the empty wall. You can either light up the wall as mentioned or decorate it with your choice of wall paper pattern. Keep in mind to choose light colors to contrast with the dark nature of the area. Putting up pictures and making a family tree could be another great idea to use the wall.


A change in the floor of the hallway can make a whole lot of difference as well. Choose a bold and intricate pattern for your hallway carpet to make a style statement. Such rugs stand out in the middle of the space and make the space look more lavish and beautiful.

If you plan on keeping your wall in a neutral tone, you can use a bright colored carpet to make it look nice. Just keep in mind to get a hard wearing piece as it is an area where people usually come and go every now and then.


If you have a console in your hallway and you don’t know how to decorate it, try making a beautiful center piece with flowers. Flower arrangements do wonders especially with entrance hallways. They are pretty and give the area a fresh appeal. But remember, you do not want to clutter the space.

Here are some amazing ideas on how you can decorate your hallways that are so hard to furnish.

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