Why Marriage is Good for Your Health

Do you want a happier and longer life? Then get married. Marriage is a part of life. Marriage is often advocated for religious reasons by many of the couples. While other believes that marriage is good for both family, society and community stability. 

Some marriages are successful while others end in a divorce or widowhood. Recent researchers suggest that there is an additional reason to promote stable, supportive marital relationship. It is becoming increasingly evident that a good marriage is good for your health. It is also indicated through the latest research that advantages of marriage are different for both men and women.

Married men are healthier than men who were never married or whose marriages ended in divorce or widowhood. Whether marriage turns out to be good or bad depends upon the nature and quality of the relationship.

In men marriage appears to be linked to improve survival rates with the more satisfying marriage, the higher the rate of survival.The quality of relation is even more important for a woman. An unhappy marriage does not provide a survival bonus but the study found that satisfying relationship may increase a woman’s survival rate almost fourfold.

Is marriage good for your health? The answer of this question depends on the nature and quality of the relationship. Numerous studies indicated that a stable and loving marriage can add significant number of years to life. The people who are married enjoy healthier and longer life compared to bachelor’s people. The studies of married and single people show that healthy unmarried people are far likelier to die than healthy married people. Marriage is more protective for healthy people. And difficult and abusive marriage can actually shorten life by a number of years.

A recent study went so far as to say that the impact of marriage on health and life expectancy, particularly in men is almost equivalent to giving up smoking. Marriage is not only good for families and societies but also for your health. The married people are far less likely to suffer mental health problems. Marriage makes people live much longer, happier and healthier. Marriage benefits both men and women.

A good and healthy relationship also reduces stress and marriage may helps couple develop healthier habits and suppress bad habits. A study of the people over the age of 65 also suggested that those couples who spend their life in a happier and healthier way had much higher levels of antibodies in their blood. Therefore, married people have more capability to fight against the flu viruses and other common bugs. 

For a variety of reasons it is now becoming increasingly evident that a good marriage is truly something worth pursuing. Marriage is a boon for health. It encourages people to maintain good health behaviors and have good social support and a sense of purpose in life. So if you have not decided to get married till now then it’s time to think about marriage. Getting married is a big boost to a longer life.

Marriage adds significant years to your life, if you are in a healthy relationship and it can lead to stress and other problems if you are facing difficulties in your relationship

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