Train Your Kids for Month of Ramadan

Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their kids. If parents brought them up in righteousness they would live happily in this world and hereafter. Kids learn from the examples and with the practical modeling of their elders and surrounding environment. Ramadan is a month of spirituality and moral values. People become more practical during Ramadan. Take advantage of this holly month and train your kids for Ramadan. Following are some parenting tips to train kids for Ramadan in more meaning full ways.

Ramadan Training For Kids

1.    Introduce Ramadan

In Ramadan training for kids, introduce your kids with Ramadan. It would be good if you introduce Ramadan before Ramadan. Talk about the importance of Ramadan with your kids, why it means a lot for Muslims?

2.    Reveal The Purpose of Ramadan

In Ramadan training, parents should have a sitting to teach their kids about fasting, why we fast? What is the purpose of fasting? What is the reward of fasting? How we can make ALLAH Almighty happy with us by fasting in Ramadan.

3.    Benefits of Fasting

Teach them about the benefits of fast in simple and short sentences. Long explanations may confuse the kids, be simple in your explanations. You can tell that we fast to obey our God; it is the way to please our God and to obtain his blessings and will.

4.    What Is Forbidden And What Are The Demands Of Fast

Teach your kids about the forbidden things while fasting, like teach them it is forbidden to lie during fast, be honest, avoid wrong doings, help people, and share your food with poor, offer prayers and perform other religious obligations.

5.    Make “What To Do In Ramadan List” With Your Kids

You can make a chart with your kids; on chart encourage your kids to mention what good things they want to do in Ramadan. Ask your kids to make special resolutions for Ramadan and help them to perform it in easy ways.

6.    Arrange Kids’ Discussions

Invite the friends of your kids for breaking fast, arrange little discussions for kids on the benefits, obligations and values of Ramadan.

7.    Encourage To Fast 

There is age limit to fast, if your kid is not appropriate with the age limit but excited to fast, don’t disappoint him, encourage him to fast and appreciate him. Encouragement and appreciation develop the sense of pride to perform religious obligations. 

8.    Observations

Kids learn more with practical appearances, Ramadan is full of practical examples. In Ramadan people go with the clocks ticks, strictly follow the timings for prayers, having and breaking fast on particular time. Make your kids to follow the routine and when they practically observe their elders doing this, they will definitely do the same and it will discipline them in a great manner.

Kids learn more with the practical examples. Ramadan is a good time to make your kids aware about the value of Ramadan, its benefits and the obligations. There are lots of practical examples to teach them in more effective ways.

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