Painted Vintage Furniture Trend

Home is the most beautiful place, your heaven and the most sacred place where you take rest after long tiring day. Home decoration should be in such a way that it must have freshness and liveliness to lifts your mood and take away your tiredness.

For all who love their home and want to make their home well decorated then it is time to think again about the vintage furniture. Painted Vintage furniture is in trend and a big focus in 2013. Fresh designs and decorating ideas reflect the changing lifestyle. Painted vintage furniture trend will offer bright home decorating colors and give people the sense of joy and hope.

People living in the modern era choose exciting interior design ideas and unusual materials. Modern home decoration includes a blend of new and old furniture. Painted vintage furniture of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s add more charm and comfort to the functional rooms.

The painted vintage furniture is currently the most popular style. Added personal touch and new value to used furniture and old decor accessories are modern interior design trends of 2013 that create exciting and interesting home interiors, adding an eclectic ambiance to modern homes. The painted furniture can make your home the most beautiful yet frisky and fun instantly.

So dust off the old look of the table by paint it in bright shade. You can paint vintage furniture in the colors that compliment your wall paint. You can also go in contrast because the colors add more style and trendy look to a house. All dramatic transformation starts with small changes and turns your room into charming and comfortable, elegant and beautiful home interiors.

The use of new texture and bright colors is going to be the big trend in the interior home decoration this year. You can use different colors for the paint on your furniture. If you want simple and elegant look then you must go with soft shades to reduce the stuffy feeling. Because of the sense of modernity, your furniture should be matched with latest bedrooms trend. So for the people who love creativity, eclectic is really good for you to show your uniqueness.

You must use white, light green, violet and azure in your room furniture. But if you like the dark and bright colors like red, yellow, orange and brown, it is suggested you to combine it with other soft colors especially white. Therefore your room will not become stuffy and thermal.

Feel free to experiment with your contemporary home décor vintage furniture and décor accessories and create truly unique home interiors in 2013. The touch of beautiful colors on the used vintage furniture will transform your home into the most beautiful place.

Paint the vintage furniture in the color of your choice that will simply change the mood of your house. You can also highlight the each corner of your home with beautiful painted vintage furniture and accessories. This is the right time to try the variations and combination instead of sticking to just one color.

You can transform your house into the modern look by painting the used vintage furniture. This is the time to go with variation and different color combinations in your home accessories instead of sticking to only one color.

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