Mothers Lying To Their Kids For Good

Mothers Lying To Their Kids For Good
Mothers Lying To Their Kids For Good

What are the reasons behind mothers lying to their kids? These options are often opted by mothers in order to hide the harsh reality of life and project a good side to their children.

Lying is something which is often associated with women than men. Lying in women is extremely common, in fact, so common that it is a part of daily life at times and lying just as a habit is observed. For mothers, lying to their kids is another common phenomenon. It is generally and most of the time not for some negative purposes or wrong intention rather, a whole set of diversified ideas stand behind mothers lying to their children.
Creating A World Of Fascination
One of the most common reasons for mothers lying to their children is to create a world of fantasy for their kids. They want to make their life magical by discussing about super-heroes, fairies, wonderlands etc. In some cases, doctors and psychologists are certainly in favor of it as it builds a sense of creativity in children while, on the other hand, lying is a bad habit and even lying about a Santa Clause or a tooth fairy needs to be avoided by the mothers.
Making Reality Less Harsh
Kids have a fragile heart and they cannot take the harsh realities of life like the elders. Therefore, in order to minimize their fears and make them feel positive towards life, mothers often opt for lying as it always helps in sugar coating the bitter truths of life.
Tackling The Tantrums
As the innocent minds of children do not know much about the right and wrong, therefore, the might ask for something which is not suitable or the mothers are not willing to do for example, buying an expensive toy etc. Therefore, mothers start lying to them in different way in order to convince the kids that it is not appropriate for them. In this way, women not only find lying easy but it lets them go from other questions which their kids might ask.
The Perfect Life
Also, mothers get into the habit of lying as they want to project a perfect life to their kids and show them only the good side of life along with a perfect personality. Lying often hides the true facts about life and the real ups and downs for children as they easily believe in what is being told to them and what they see is being projected.

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