Keep your eyes open

Children are one of the biggest blessings of God. It’s good to be parents and brought up of a kid is the most interesting & enjoyable task you do in your life but other than this interest it is like making a new individual.

In this way brought up of a child is very responsible job as you are going to build a character of future generation.

So in character building of a future respectable person; you need to keep your eyes open.
There are lots and lots of factors on which you need to be careful enough but we are going to tell you the one, but very important one.

You may have heard that excess of everything is bad and we all know that watching Television in excess is not good, especially for your kids. Other than watching T.V, playing too much video game can also be the serious threat for your kid.

Like every other thing, watching T.V & playing games on computer also has some characteristics, includes both advantages and disadvantages.

Some of their advantages are, your kid learns something positive while watching T.V or playing games on computer. One can be in the learning process most of the times, particularly in the growing age. Other than this big advantage that your kid learns something positive, doing both these tasks, especially playing video games sharpens the mind of the child, and mental sharpness makes your child alert to accept some challenge. Well playing indoor games particularly plays vital role in sharpening the mind.

Besides these advantages these habits have serious disadvantages. As we are talking about excess of everything is not good. So watching T.V & playing games make your kid a habitual of them.
Due to the extreme interest, any adolescent can easily leave other important tasks, like studying, eating properly or sleeping etc just for T.V and for games. The daily schedule of a child can be disturbed because of the excess of these two interests. 

Other than disturbance is a daily time table, the biggest disadvantage of using these two tools for the sake of entertainment is that your kid get negative influences as well. 
According to a research, a child who watches T.V (particularly action movies) and action video games can adopt probably 42 violent characters in a day. In this way these action & violent characters effects on the psychology of the kid very badly.

Of course no parent in this whole world wants their innocent child to become violent.
Besides this, a child feels stress while watching T.V in excess. This stress can be mentally or physically. When a child feels mental stress, he/she can’t do any other important task actively and of course it effects on body & health as well.     

Also spending much time in front of T.V and computers, have very unhealthy effects on the eye sight.
When a child watches something strange or extreme negative, it remains in his/her sub-conscious and irritate the child later, at different times and places. Sometimes some naughty children use to apply those strange actions in their daily life, they once seen in some movie or game. In this way they can give them some sort of harm or threat. May be your child include those strange actions as a part of their personality.

 Do not forget that a child is like a seed and it is up to the parents to grow it, in whatever the soil or ground they want. 

So, provide your child a soft and convenient soil in which he/she grows into a mentally, physicallyand psychology stable person like a fresh green and healthy tree.    

It’s good to be parents and brought up of a kid is the most interesting & enjoyable task but other than this interest it is like making a new individual.

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