Iftar Drinks For This Ramazan 2013

It’s a very frequent thing that people prepare extraordinary, traditional and innovative dishes for iftar but they do not forfeit attention towards Iftar drinks regardless of the fact that we feel thirsty during the hot summer fast in malevolence of hungry.

Need of Iftar Drinks:

During the Holy month of ramazan Muslims spend whole day by fasting without water and food ensuing in dehydration and loss of oomph, vigor and energy in the form of sweat. The significance of iftar drinks depends upon the quantity of water to manage the trouncing of water from the body so the need of iftar drinks is for restoration of energy thrashing.

Selection of Iftar drinks:

Refreshing and energetic Iftar drinks for this Ramazan 2013 should be full of energy to quench the thirst of a faster. A nutritious drink at Iftar time helps you to regain the lost energy and essential water intake to build stamina and feel luminosity, invigorating and vigorous with the purity and sacredness of fast.

Iftar drinks ought to be long lasting refreshing, energizing and revitalizing to keep our body and mind active and healthy. Iftar drinks should also be supposed to tasty, delicious and yummy.

Traditional Iftar drinks:

Traditional Iftar drinks are healthy, nutritious and energetic to heighten the body to be vigorous, fit, enthusiastic, active and dynamic.

Traditional Iftar drinks are milk with soda along with sherbet, refreshing and energetic sherbets, sweet  Punjabi  lassi, mango lassi, lemonade or mint sikanjabean, mango shake, banana shake and shakes of different fruits, shakes of dried fruits like almond shake, date shake, squashes, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks,  fresh water melon juice and packed juices etc.
All these iftar drinks are almost homemade items depicting t he personal tastes of a family keeping healthy and saving from dehydration.

Innovative Iftar drinks:

Innovation and creativity can be bringing to iftar drinks to enhance the taste and energy of the drinks.
Extraordinary iftar drinks of this ramazan 2013   are full of energy, power and liveliness and fun to enjoy the blessing and bounties of ramazan that Allah bestowed the Muslims.
Innovative iftar drinks are mango almond smoothie, chocolate beverage, vanilla beverage, blue berries or cherries cream smoothie, chocolate Hazelnut pudding shake, chocolate mint pudding shake, apple tomato juice.
Some very innovative iftar drinks along with rare and unique ingredients:

1. Cinderella Drink

 To make 2 servings of this drink you will need:
•    Orange juice 1 glass
•    Pineapple Juice 1 glass
•    Lemon juice 2 Tbsp.
•    2 tsp. Sugar (if needed)
This drink is named after Cinderella due to royal taste and freshness.

2. Pina Colada

 For a 3 serving Pina Colada drink you need:
•    Pineapple Juice 1 ½ glass
•    Sugar Syrup ½ cup
•    Coconut cream ½ cup
•    Pineapple chunks ½ cup
•    Vanilla or coconut ice cream 2 scoop

Pina colada is a historic drink it was introduced in 1050 with royal, unique taste very creamy and delicious.

3. Sunset Island Cooler

Simple ingredients which need to be mixed for a cool Sunset Island drink.
•    1 ½ oz. Pineapple Juice
•    1tsp. Roohafza
•    1 tsp. Sugar syrup (optional)
•    1 Oz. grapefruit juice (replace it with any other fruit juice you like)

Sunset cooler is flavourous, refreshing and energetic iftar drink.

4. Apple Star Cocktail

 For Apple star cocktail you need:
•    2 red Apples large size
•    1tbsp. Roohafza
•    Sugar (optional)
•    Water (600 ml)

Apple star cock tail is a very vigorous, healthy and delight and nutritious drink for summer fasting.

5.    Fruity Blast

•    Pineapple chunks – 1 can (frozen or chill)
•    Strawberries 1 cup (if fresh not available, you can use canned strawberries or strawberry syrup)
•    1 Chopped banana
•    Sugar (optional)
•    2 scoop Vanilla ice cream or 1 cup frozen milk
•    Crushed Ice

Fruity blast is a different flavored iftar drink to quench the thirst.

Iftar drinks for this ramazan 2013 are full of nutritious value according to the body's requirement boosting energy through the hot summer fasting.

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