Foods Your Dentist Avoids

There are certain food items that damage teeth and being avoided by all dentists. Dentists avoid such foods because they are really very conscious about their teeth and also recommend their patients not to eat some food items to keep their teeth healthy.

To remain far from panic procedures of filling and root canals. Wouldn’t be nice to just not to have to deal with any kind of pain in your teeth? Well there is a way you can and it is called as strategic eating. This is the same way as your dentist used. What you eat and what you avoid can greatly lower your chances of getting dentist’s help.

There are plenty of food items that people should avoid if they want to keep their teeth in good shape and healthy. Here is a list of some food items that your dentist avoids to keep teeth problems at bay. Let’s have a look what foods your dentist avoids and also suggests you to avoid.

1. Canned fruits

Fruits are essential for health. Sometimes canned fruits are used in cooking or just in regular eating. But the fact is that canned fruits are full of delicious but destructive sugar. Sugar sticks to your teeth and strengthen bacteria to grow and spoil your teeth.

These bacteria live in your mouth which gets tasty nourishment via canned fruits to thrive on. Canned fruits not only empower bacteria but also contain acid in them. The acid in canned fruits can be harmful for teeth enamel which results in staining and discoloration of teeth.

2. Soda

Sugary soda is one of the foods that dentist avoids. Most of the soda contains acid which weaken tooth enamel. Soda is highly being criticized by dentists and many other medical experts because they are total smile saboteur. If you can’t resist by drinking sodas then you must use straw to drink to limit the soda contact with your teeth.

3. Ice

Ice is also being avoided by dentist. Though ice is sugar free but chew on ice cubes can damage teeth. Nibbling on ice can easily crack or break teeth.

4. Chewy candies

Chewy candies are not good for teeth as these candies get stuck between teeth which allow plaque to build up.

5. Snacks

Crispy and crunch potato chips tend to linger in your mouth. These chips are crunchy at first and then gummy post chewing and particles get stuck between teeth which increase the risks of teeth decay. It leads to non-stop production of acid in teeth.

6. Dried fruits

Dried fruits like fig and dried apricots are bursting with nutrition. They are also contains non-soluble cellulose fiber, a dense dose of sugar which can bind and trap teeth. 

7. Black tea

Black tea is notorious for discoloration of teeth. Black tea is more likely to damage teeth than other teas. Opt for herbal or green tea instead of black tea.

8. White bread

White bread which is commonly being used in breakfast is highly criticized by dentists as it is loaded with sugar. It does not only contain tooth battery sugars but it is also a starchy food stuff which is prone to stuck between your teeth.

9. Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade can havoc on teeth. It contains a combination of citric acids and sugar that leads to teeth decay and cavities. Dentists avoid lemonade to have healthy teeth.

There are number of food items that damage teeth and avoided and criticized by dentists. Here is a list of such food items that your dentists avoid and want you to keep yourself away from such food items to keep you healthy and in shape.

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