Foodie Kon?

Foodie Kon?
Foodie Kon?

Its time to have the best food at the special valentine occasion. Find out which type of food makes your heart beat fast.

This valentine day there are more important and more serious relationships to figure out, like your relationship with food. But have no fear and don’t stress over the love calculator, dig into your heart and truly find out whether food makes your heart beat faster!

Maybe you are a guilt eater, stress eater, the ‘all time’ eater, a health nut, a friendly eater or just a good ol’ foodie, but what’s the relationship, right? Thsat is question that deserves an honest answer; you need to discover how strong the bond between you and food is!

So if you want to discover how much of a foodie you really are then you have to take this fun quiz by 7Up called ‘Foodie Kon’ that tests your love and sums the kind of relationship you have with food. My result, I think was pretty accurate: I’m in a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship with food, with desert on the side, always, win win for me!! Now if you want to  Find out the nitty gritty details of your life long relationship then head on over and take this lighthearted and fun quiz by 7UP.

Lub a dub food!


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