Decor your home for this Eid ul Adha

On this happy occasion, special attention is given at home decoration. Every member of family looks busy to beautifying the house. Firstly clean the mess from the house and replace the paintings, carpets, curtains and other decoration.

But Eid ul Adha’s preparations are different from Eid ul fitar. On this Eid woman spends her most of time in kitchen. Different kinds of dishes are cooked so the kitchen becomes the busiest and focus place at home.

Here we give some tips. To follow these tips you décor your home for this Eid ul Adha and receive good feedback from your family and guests. Décor your home on this Eid ul Adha, place beautiful flowers pots in rooms, kitchen, and verandas and even in windows. Hanging flowers use in windows and rooms. It looks beautiful and charming.

Welcome rug or wall hanging Eid greeting decoration can be used.  Express your happiness, emotions or feelings through this unique way, it adds more beauty as well as looks stylish. Drawing room is the most important part of home on Eid. Guests and whole family are gathered there. Use bright colures in its theme and decoration. Change the curtains and give some new colour or style.

Décor your home with Wall hanging Islamic calligraphy on this Eid ul Adha. This Islamic hanging will leave sacred impact on viewers. Use Eid Mubarik wall hanging on your reception door. If you like stickers or ribbon, Stick colorful strips, cards and ribbons on wall. If you have good color sense, you can décor your home on this Eid ul Adha with bold but contrast color strips and stickers on your bedroom, drawing room or also in dining hall’s walls. It adds more beauty and gives new style to your room. Replace old newspapers, magazines or books with new one. Clean the mess and dust from the book shelves.

Change the old bed and sofa covers with new bed sheets and sofa covers. A colorful butterfly mobile or bells can be used as a centerpiece in your room. This decoration will give an amazing look to your home on this Eid ul Adha.  Décor your room with use of candles on this Eid ul Adha. Candles are the most beautiful and best decoration. Use candles in your room and also on dining table. Its correct use of light enhances the ambience and gives amazing look. Wood made candle lantern is easily available in market, eradicate it at the entrance. It’s a great idea for night time party.

Children’s gifts are the symbols of Eid festival. Keep all the gifts on the center table of your living room. It adds more beauty as well as pleasure on Eid ul Adha.  Sweets and desserts are special dishes on Eid. Putt dish of delights on coffee table in living room and served the guests. Eid ul Adha is called namkeen Eid.  Dasi Meat dishes like barbi Q, kunna gosht, biryani and qorma are the special dishes of Eid ul Adha. So the dining table is very important part in a house. Put flowers vase in the centre of the table.

Take orchids and also can be used it as center piece on the table. It looks very elegant and stylish. Décor your home with crockery on this Eid ul Adha. Eid is very special occasion to showcase crockery. Use wood and clay made utensils. It will give traditional, expensive and stylish touch. By adding nice crockery, you can leave long lasting impression on your family and guests at this Eid ul Adha.

Take paper made glitter star and keep with napkin on the dining table. It adds more beauty and love in your eid celebrations.

Home is just like a paradise for woman. Every woman desires that she decorates her home beautifully. Eid is very special festival for Muslims and they spend these sacred moments with their family, friends and relatives. Guests come at home for wish the Ei

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