7 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

There are various trends that have sprouted around the corner for a modern kitchen’s cabinet. Kitchen is that space of the house where a woman spends the maximum of her time.

Thus, such a place reflects the level of her sophistication her grace ad her homely ethics. Kitchen is the persona of her capabilities thus she has to it up to the level. Following are the types of kitchen cabinets that are IN in trends for modern houses:

While conventional kitchen cabinets are still in style, however, there are new modern cabinets that are sleek, glamorous, and different yet very functional these include.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Designers Belle Design Build

These cabinets are contemporary kitchen cabinets which are made by the German designer Leicht .They are appealing and very functional These cabinets have Supreme-deep drawers that are used for storing bigger items like  pitchers, soup pots and more of the kitchen ware.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by Daytona Beach Cabinets & Cabinetry ADI Supply

These are sleek cabinets also referred as Adornus cabinets made by ADI supply. They have frameless doors that add on to the modern element of the cabinets. The cabinets base is surrounded by aluminum toe kick one which visually attracts the user and the audience behind the scenes.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets by Richmond Kitchen & Bath Designers Citation Kitchens

They are constructed on a rift-cut white oak with chic bronzed metal legs. It has a traditional feel by the application of the white paint surrounding the perimeter of the cabinet.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets by Miami Kitchen & Bath Designers EVAA International, Inc.

This cabinet feels very homely and organic which apparently contrast with the modern image of the cabinet, yet these are the characteristics of the cabinet. It has a very Italian feel through its ultra-streamlining.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets by Irvine Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Leicht USA

This cabinet is made out of concrete. This is the unique feature for this kind of cabinet. It is spacious and strong enough to hold heavy weighted pots and objects. This is for the use in the commercial kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by Falls Church Kitchen & Bath Designers Pom KBF

Yes, these are the wooden cabinets you like the most. These cabinets also contain their construction around the custom made acrylic, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very much environment friendly. The colors of this modern cabinet are customized.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets by Calgary Design-Build Firms Homes by Avi

This cabinet here is very easy to clean, handy to those who do not go for complexities in choices. It has a sleek fold over style. The color of the cabinet is also very appealing. This cabinet has lacquered finish. These kitchen cabinets are very beautiful and functional.

So, these are the type of the modern cabinets that have been taking up the trend. These are for sure a catch for the eye. Not only is the visually appealing but also have functional usage. These cabinets are spacious and are best for the kitchen of a modern woman’s home. So, make the best of the cabinet choice and we hope have a good time purchasing. Happy Cabineting!

Author:Haadiyah Mujahid

Women who spend the most of their time in the kitchen want their space /spot at home to look pitch perfect and by that we mean glamorous and spot on!

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