The New Dubai Fashion Trend: The ‘Camel Hump’

New generations around the world always like to experience new things. They are discovering new ways to make themselves more stylish through different fashion trends. The Leila Hatoum from Dubai fashion malls for wall street journal reported that women are styling their hair to new heights with snooki like poufs underneath their headscarves.

Many women are placing bumpits under their hijabs and this look is called “camel hump”. The fashion of Camel hump is trending among some young women in the United Arab Emirates city. In Dubai, women commonly wear a long black cloak which is known as ‘Abaya’ and a black veil or shayla which covers most of their hair.

Many of the women are now adopting veil or shayla of different colors and also use a flower and stylish pins to hold it in place. A number of women particularly young girls are seen in malls in Dubai wearing camel hump hijab style.

The camel hump style was originated basically to hold the scarves in the place and to prevent the veil from falling off the head which now has become a status symbol and part of fashion trend in Dubai. Camel hump hijab style in different colors scarves looks great and also adds volume to your height.

The focus of many young women in Dubai has turned to designing even more elaborate hairstyles beneath the veils, with clips and sponges interwoven with the layers of hair to create towering beehives projecting from the top of their heads. Camel hump trend basically rose in profile to prevent the veil from falling off the head.

Initially it came into vogue as a technique to hold the scarves in place and to prevent from falling but now it has become a sort of status symbol of a woman. This look was originated as a need to cover the neck, head and hair but have since taken to new heights. Now hair height has become another way for women to express their individuality and to attract the attention of males. It can be good news for those who are short in height.

There are mainly two styles of camel hump. The “gamboo’a’’ is a gulf dialect word that conflates the Arabic words for “cone” and “hat” and the beehive. Both styles beehive and gamboo’a have included in fashion trend in Dubai. The gamboo’a wearers mainly focus on enlarging the size of their veil out from the back of the head. They like to add volume to their hair and height too.

The girls often use oversized clips of different types, bits of sponge, hair spray and other artificial items to extend the bumps of hair on the back of their head. The beehive look is designed to reveals a lot of hair. This beehive look is more daring. Islamic tradition allows for women to show a modest amount of hair from under the veil.

This new Dubai fashion trend of the camel hump looks great on women. Majority of young girls have the craze of adopting the style of the camel hump. As with many teenage crazes the world over the wearers of camel hump in Dubai also attracted much criticism. It is also predicted that camel hump style will be unusual one day like other youthful fashion trends that has disappeared with time.

As new styles in fashion emerge, the trendy camel hump has successfully made a comfortable position in Dubai fashion world. Majority of the women in Dubai wear Abaya and cover their heads with scarves or veil. Now they have adopted the style of camel hump

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