Are Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir expecting their second child?

Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan are leaving netizens in awe as a fresh video made by Falak Shabir got viral on social media. Sarah khan and her daughter Alyana Falak were seen in the video in a clothing store where the Rog singer is caught saying ‘Mein to Teesri laine Ke Liye Bhi Tyar Hun.’

This conversation started in the store where the singer mentioned he does not have any money while Sarah chastised Falak that he has two responsibilities to take care of. Falak without any hesitation stated that he is ready to take on the third responsibility too. The comment left Sarah in laughter.  

Fans were wondering whether Sarah’s sweet reaction suggested that another baby is on the way.

She would not have acted casually had her hubby meant another marriage by “Teesri” responsibility. Netizens are in love with the conversation between the couple and react to Falak’s statement as couple goals. The duo has been appreciated numerous times by their fans before also for the love the couple expresses towards each other. 

The journey both of them have been on is a topic of interest for the audience. Sarah Khan being one of the prominent celebrity faces of Pakistan worked in numerous television shows Pakistan like Raqs-e-basil, Sabaat, Belapur ki Dayan, Kitni Girhein Baki Hein is asked about her married life frequently so her husband, the eminent singer, and songwriter, Falak Shabir who came into light by getting popularity on his song ‘Rog’ spilled the tea on how they both met and got married. Since, their wedding, the couple has been trending in hot topics for the love and flowers that Falak gives to Sarah every day and the continued teasing as well. 

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