Sana Fakhar’s Husband Opens Up About His Divorce After 14 Year Of Marriage

Sana Fakhar revealed last week that she ended up her marriage with her husband Fakhar Jaffry after 14 years.

The coupling equation is currently the subject of numerous online rumors. Fakhar Jaffry has reportedly expressed aspirations to mend their troubled marriage. He said that Sana Fakhar was the subject of false accusations and reports.

Furthermore, if rumors are to be believed, Fakhar has said that Sana will take care of their children because the entire divorce process was terrible for them.

Fakhar also posted a response to Sana’s separation news on his Instagram account shortly after she made it public.

‘Life takes us to some point where even two love birds take their own ways won’t b easy without you and never will all I want to say u We’R and u are the best people I ever flew with b God with you all the best @sana_fakhar ????????’, his captioned read.

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