Saeeda Imtiaz Speaks Out After Death Rumors Due to Shocking Reason (Video)

Saeeda Imtiaz, a Pakistani-American actress, and model, was apparently discovered dead in her bed on Tuesday morning, according to a post from her official Instagram account.

The actress, who was raised in New York after being born in the UAE, published a black-and-white photo of herself along with the following message on her Instagram account:

We regret to tell you that Saeeda Imtiaz died away this morning after being discovered dead in her bed. Peace be with you (sic). “Admin” signed the memo.

Fans were shocked by the announcement, and many of them took to Twitter to express their horror at the abruptly unexpected news. One user said, “May her soul rest in peace,” while another, “Shocking, tragic news.”

The actress then stated that the declaration of her death was the consequence of her Instagram account being hacked, which came as a stunning turn of events.

The actress, clad in purple, faces the camera seriously and talks about the strange happenings in a video that she posted to her Instagram account. I’m now exhausted after all I’ve been through, the video’s description reads.

Imtiaz adds in the video, “I don’t know why someone would do this. She reveals that she received several calls and texts asking about her well-being when she woke up that morning, adding that the circumstance left her in a state of shock.

She continues that the rumors also terrified her mother and siblings, who do not reside with her in Pakistan. The actress continues by revealing that her Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked, chastising the effort to hurt her family.

She explains, “I get it when someone is teased or bullied, but I don’t get it when someone gets bullied to the point where it harms them or their family. The actress’s friends also used social media to certify her well-being and to call out the hackers of her account for spreading false and harmful rumors.

The Pakistani movie “The Making of a Legend,” in which the actress from Abu Dhabi made her acting debut, included Jemima Goldsmith, a former spouse of cricketer Imran Khan. Afterward, she developed a sizable fan base as a result of her appearance in the well-known reality competition “Tamasha Ghar.”

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