Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

People all over the world despite their age love being pampered. The amount of pampering and love somehow increases on the valentines. Somehow the expectation level of everyone reaches its maximum and at times just by doing little things you can do a lot. Just a few of these innovative ideas will make your man feel much loved on the day that is known for love.

1. Love Note

As I am a writer I am crazy about hand written notes. However just a simple short message explaining the love and how much you both mean to each other can do wonders.  Drop by a short sweet message to his office this can make him feel loved more than an expensive gift to get off a branded shop.

I cannot emphasis more on the importance of these small notes that add to the sparkle. The first thing in the morning should be a love note written on the washroom mirror. This truly is the most romantic thing to do.

valentines day quotes

2. Surprise Outing

Instead of the customary candle dinner go out on outing to his favorite restaurant and then surprise him by showing him tickets to be favorite sports game. This is a different idea to play on for valentines but it will surely make him happy.

3. Long Drive

Go out on a long drive. Nothing better than conversations. Just the two of you.

long drive

4. Memorable Pictures

Surprise him with a photo album of both of you .The long journey travelled by you two. With photos taken here and there. Caption them up romantically.

If distances impede the meeting process then do this, take some photos of you and send them to him. Photos in different attires and looks.

5. Chocolates


Who says men don’t love chocolates. They like it equally as girls do. Bring your feminism in the game and creatively wrap them in the most beautiful way possible.

6. Mutual Activity

If your guy is someone who is into learning then as a gift sign him up for a class that he has wanted to take since long.


One of my friend was interested in photography and we signed him up for a class on photography learning. This not only made him ecstatic with felicitousness but also added to his skills.

7. Adopt His Hobby

Men are different with being pleased. Try something different this year and start a hobby together. This will add to the relationship and you both will get to spend more time together.

8. Salsa Classes


In my opinion this is the best gift to give each other on a valentine. Instead of the traditional candle light dinner go out to attend a salsa class. It is the most fun thing to do as a couple.

9. Cooking

romantic dinner

They say it right “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach‘. Cook him his favorite meal at home. Decorate your dinner table romantically and host a home candle light dinner.

10. Perfume

If you lack time and creativity fails around your corner. Then just buying him his favorite perfume and getting it nicely wrapped can work for you.

So here you go, these are top Valentine’s Day ideas, I hope will suit to your relationship needs.

Show man of your life that how truly special he is, pick one of these ideas and surprise him on Valentine’s Day.

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