Resham And Reham Khan Engage In A War Of Words

Lollywood actress Resham on Saturday slammed Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Speaking on local web show One Take, Resham said that Reham Khan is the ‘worst example’ for women while Jemima Goldsmith is the ‘best example’.

Resham, who has reportedly been mentioned in Reham’s autobiography said that she was surprised to know that she had been mentioned in Reham’s book and she only found out about it when people sent her screenshots.

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She further said that Reham Khan singled out those who had no scandals in the past, including herself and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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“Who really knows Reham? No one knows her,” Resham remarked, adding that Reham only put the aforementioned people in her book to attract audiences.

“The book is full of lies.”

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