Priyanka Chopra talks about Love and Heartache

With such a hectic professional life, does it leave you with any time for personal life?

Of course, I have a personal life. I just don’t like talking about it. I’ve been extremely private about it. I’m a feminist but I don’t hate guys. If a guy can have an amazing career and a personal life why can’t a girl? I’m blessed with an amazing personal life. I’ve got wonderful personal equations but that’s not what I want to be known for. I’ve never flaunted my relationships. I’ve protected them. I believe in buri nazar. So if something is important to you, you protect it and keep it close to your heart. Especially, because I’m a public person, I keep it even quieter.

But you’re never seen with a partner…

Who says I don’t have a partner? I might not be with him physically because I’m travelling all over the world. All my life I’ve never commented on the fact whether I’m in a relationship or not. But yes, because of my travelling, physical partnership is difficult sometimes. But that’s always been my life. All actors have that kind of life. (Laughs) Sometimes the media ends up getting pictures of them spending time together. I make sure they don’t.

Which means you do have a boyfriend…

(Laughs) I’m not going to say that. But I’ve always had a personal life. I’m content. I have always been.

There’s a new ring on your finger…

They made a big deal of my solitaire. But I buy my own diamonds. I don’t need someone to buy them for me. When a guy comes into my life it’ll not be for the diamonds, it’ll not be for the cars, it’ll not be for the homes. ‘I’m PC from the block…,’ much like Jennifer Lopez’s song. A guy will be in my life only when I’m wholly, crazily in love. I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children. Don’t jump to conclusions because of my jewellery!

Who could be a worthy match for Priyanka Chopra?

(Laughs) Whenever I get into a relationship, it’ll be with someone who’s a worthy match na. I’m not somebody who likes time pass. I find guys utterly boring. I’ve high standards. I need someone who keeps me engaged, is intelligent, well-spoken, well brought up. Because I’m proud of my upbringing. Being decent and courteous like my father is important to me. I look for a guy who’s like my father, who’s got a sense of humour, someone who can keep you engaged. I need to be able to admire and look up to the man. I wouldn’t be able to marry someone unless I look up to him and feel my chest swell with pride. Where, when, how, I don’t know.  I used to see my mother looking at my dad like that.

What kind of a guy would match your stature?

It’s not about stature. It’s about mental compatibility. You’ve to be able to laugh together. You’ve to find the same things funny. You’ve to be able to spend time together doing nothing. It’s not like picture dekhne jaa rahe hai, dinner pe jaa rahe hai… By God’s grace I have enough to be able to take care of myself. If someone comes into my life I’ll take care of him also. (Laughs) Of course, the guy shouldn’t get intimidated by me. He has to be engaging.

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Is marriage anywhere on the cards?

For me, marriage was on cards since I was 12. In fancy dress completions, I dressed up as a dulhan (bride) for six consecutive years straight. I believe in destiny. I believe we come from somewhere and we’re going somewhere. And this is the pit stop. And in this pit stop, you’re meant to be happy. A certificate, an award, a home, a car, these tangible things don’t make you happy. These things come and go. When you’re lying on your death bed, you won’t think of your diamonds, your Rolls Royce…  But things that gave you pure joy. So I look for joy.

So are you okay staying single for the rest of your life if you have to?

Not at all. Of course not! I’ve always wanted babies…lots of them. For that reason I want to get married. It’s not fair to bring a child in to this world without marriage. Society is mean like that. Please, I wouldn’t be happy being single all my life. It’s important to have companionship. The purpose of my life is to bring joy and give joy. I’m an entertainer. I give so much joy that I might be out of joy by the end of my life. I’m a normal girl, I want to get married but no one can claim me until someone really claims me.

Have you fallen for a guy but because you’re Priyanka Chopra you can’t express it?

I’m extremely shy. I’ve never made the first move ever even if I’ve liked someone. I’ve never said it. I don’t even drop hints. I become reticent. I’m old-fashioned like that. I believe the guy should make the first move. (Laughs) If I’m laughing and joking a bit extra with someone, you must know I’m not interested in that guy. But if I’m shy and quiet, then something’s up.

Being an emotional person, it must be difficult to hold back your feelings…

Yes. And then I suffer. You have to be mature; I’m immature with my emotions. I say what I feel, my eyes reveal everything. That’s why I can’t lie. I’m such a bad liar. I don’t how I am told I’m a good actor! Because actors should be able to lie convincingly. Actually, I’m a bad liar with people who know me. If you don’t know me you’ll never be able to tell. But if you know me you’ll catch me like this.

Have you dealt with heartache?

Of course, every relationship when it ends brings heartache. Heartache is a bitch man! You have to isolate yourself from the other person, whether they have been bad to you or you have been bad to them. You’ve to isolate and think what life means and needs devoid the person. You start with little things. Okay, I need sleep. I need a good book. I need to be surrounded by friends. You have to start thinking about yourself. Because when you’re in a relationship, you spend so much time thinking about the other person and suddenly there’s a void. My heartaches have always been bad. There’s no good way of ending a relationship. It’s always going to be painful.

When was the last time you suffered heartache?

Quite a few years ago. Otherwise it was my father’s passing away. I still hold it within me. One corner of your heart dies and then you have to learn how to function with the rest of it.


In an exclusive interview, Priyanka Chopra talks about love, infidelity and heartache.

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