Naureen Fayyaz of Flairs talks to Fashion Central

The brand "FLAIRS" is a glorious mélange of elaborate pattern making; intricate detailing; and rich, vibrant hues molded from classic embroideries and delightfully ethnic flairs and cuts with their hint of romantic whimsy and ethnic allure along with the most detailed Prints.

01. Tell us about your initial journey?

I always wanted to be a career woman. Business runs not only in my family but in my blood. In 2009 I first designed for labels Karachi and the response was over whelming. My outfits were sold out with in the first week. And this is how it all started.

02. How would you define the word FASHION?

Here I would like to quote – Rachael Zoe- “Style is a way to say who U are without having to speak”

03. What lead you to become a fashion designer?

I have always been inspired by successful women in this male dominating culture of ours. Therefore it really fascinated me that how women as fashion designers like “Banto Kazmi”, “Sana Safinaz” and many others managed to make a status of their own in our culture. 

04. What sets your collection apart from other designer collection?

My work is easily distinguishable from other designers as it is skillfully manages the combination of refinement and sensuality, with exceptional fabrics and highly perfected detail.

05. What are you most comfortable designing? Prêt, formal or bridal

I take every designing form as a challenge. And I love challenges in life, it just keeps me busy and on the go. Therefore, I am comfortable with all three of them.

06. Tell us about your design philosophy and creativity?

My own design philosophy and creativity is my own personal touch which is especially sophisticated, modern but never cold, fantastical but always rational.

07. What is the price range for the collection? Is it affordable to a niche class only?

We have three lines which target all three classes existing at a national and an international level.

08. Are you daring when it comes to color schemes or do you play it safe?

I wouldn’t say that I am daring when it comes to color scheme but I would rather say that I am “Innovative” due to the fact that we cater versatile cultures of our country. Therefore, color scheme varies accordingly.

09. What does couture means to you? When will couture come to mean more than just bridal in Pakistan?

To me it means exclusivity and I think that every individual is unique and special in their own way. Hence, every person deserves to be wearing their personality and comfort.

10. How supportive has your family been through your initial years?

My family is the heart and core of my work. Without my father’s support nothing would have been possible.

11. Do you design with any particular women in mind?

The women I have in mind are a “Pakistani Woman” who is daring yet obstinate.

12. Who are you inspirations?

I don’t limit myself to be inspired. I can get inspiration from anyone and anything.

13. From where do you get inspiration for the style & designing?

My culture is my inspiration. I believe that our culture is extremely rich but sadly it is dying. The only way to preserve it and recreate it is to own it through fashion and art.

14. What was your inspiration behind your collection Digital Prints?

Digital Prints are primarily inspired by the Mughal’s of the 18th century because Islamic art was at its peak in that era. Therefore, my latest digitals are a canvas which depict the golden era of the Muslims.

15. What kind of feedback did you get on the collection?

I get astounding feedback from my clients throughout the world. They praise me for my work and im much thankful to them for their immense love and support.

16. What are the essential aspects of building a Fashion brand?

There are two basic rules one is to be chic when designing and being innovative.

17. How do you deal with criticism when you find your self at the receiving end?

I’m a person who enjoys criticism and I believe that productive criticism is what brings out the best in me.

18. How competitive is the Fashion market today?

Fashion Market is growing each day, every hour, every minute and every second. As more and more people are becoming educated about the fashion trends so it’s a challenge each day which by the Grace of Allah Almighty I have been able to cope up with.

19. What are recommendations for the upcoming designers?

I see a lot of young designers trying to copy western designers and trends and I often wonder why following when you can lead in your own culture. Pakistani culture is diverse and rich. We will only be recognized if we recognize our roots and get inspired from that.


Naureen Fayyaz of brand "FLAIRS talks to Fashion Central about her brand and latest designing ideas and passion for cuts in an exclusive interview.

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