M. Saad Fasih CEO of Ayzel Talks To Fashion Central

Muhammad Saad Fasih CEO of Ayzel is an entrepreneur who decided to embark onto the fashion industry by launching a multi brand store in Islamabad. Ayzel has become a platform for many designers to showcase their collections. The store showcases a mix of different designers all under one roof.

Q1: What inspired you to launch a multi-brand store?

I have done my MSc in Marketing from UK and after that I wanted to start Multi brand store because there is gap in market. We started up in Islamabad and it was good opportunity since the Store is centrally located in Down Town Islamabad.  It has been a great experience so far.

Q2: Since you have a background in marketing, why did you decide to go into the fashion market?

We have a couple of family owned businesses such as a Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, Furniture manufacturing unit and then I decided to do something different, since we are four brothers and we are managing allother businesses together. Fashion Industry of Pakistan is growing at fast pace that’s why started the new Venture.

Q3: How has your experience in the fashion industry been so far?

The experience is pretty good. Day by day the fashion industry is getting saturated and I see many designers coming into this industry often. The response from the people of Islamabad is quite good.

Q4: With so many multi brand stores opening, do you feel there is a need for designers to have their own outlets or do you think multi brand store is a good option?

I think a multi brand store is a good option for designers and customers. In a multibrand store, designer’s clothes are displayed and they have their own racks.  The customers are mostly attracted towards one outlet having different brands under one roof especially those outlets having good quality products in display. I personally think it’s a good idea to display clothes at a multi brand store instead of opening your own outlet which will be very costly and expensive.

It’s more cheap and feasible for designers well as the customer. Say if you like some brand and the brand does not have an outlet in your city then you have to travel around to actually buy an outfit by the same designer. But say if the designer you like has their collection at a multibrand store in your city than it must be easier for a customer.

Q5: When choosing designers for your store, what qualities do you look for?

It all depends on the clothing line.The quality of the outfit’s matter considering a customer’s point of view. We check quality, price range and designs have to be different and gorgeous. We carry mostly eastern wear and western wear.  We have around 40 designers stocking at our store. They include Samar Mehdi, Waseem Noor, Naz Junaid, Dimensions, Seher Ali, Nadya’s Visage and many others.

Accessory designers include Ella, BnB Acessories and Mahin Hussain. Shoe designers include Shooz Factory and Urban Wear Shoes. Jewelry designers include Rabia J, Iquera’s Couture and Colors Envogue. Iquera’s couture will be launching her jewelry line at Ayzel on 5th May in Islamabad.

Q6: What do you think are the three essential ingredients for success in the world of retail for a young designer?

Innovation, hard work, and aim for success.If he or she is innovative, they will come up with good designs and unique concepts which lead towards success.

Q7: Do you feel customers care about the brand value or only the quality of the outfit?

Both, the most important thing is the quality of the product. It all depends if you give a good value for money to any customer they will definitely get attracted towards that. If a designer has beautiful and fabulously designed clothes offered at a good price they will definitely end up having high sales. Customers are also attracted towards the brand value of the brand. At the end of the day it is the good will of the brand which leads the customers tobuy their products.

Q8: What qualities do you look for in an upcoming designer when stocking in your outlet.

When a new designer comes to our store we go through their collection so that we know about the quality of the product. The quality of the outfit’s matter considering a customer’s point of view. We check quality, price range and designs have to be different and gorgeous.

Q9: What advice would you give to a young designer who is interested in stocking at Ayzel?

It is open for everyone having good aesthetic sense in designing clothes etc.

Q10: What are your future plans for Ayzel?

I want Ayzel to be the most well-known outlet of Pakistan for buyers as well as designers from where the community could get variety of quality products at reasonable prices.

Muhammad Saad Fasih, CEO of multi-brand store Ayzel, talks about his achievements in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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