Latest Fashion Trends

Latest Fashion trends
Latest Fashion trends

Latest fashion rather it is the modification of latest fashion according to your individuality, personality and your identity as a girl.

Searching your closet, playing with your hairs in a deep deep thought of what should your wear, something classy, some thing that can make you look ‘oh so hot’ girl in the town, Confused? Yes, but worry not because we got some simple solutions for you keeping in mind the latest fashion trends.

First thing that you need to know is being fashionable is not about blindly following the latest fashion rather it is the modification of latest fashion according to your individuality, personality and your identity as a girl. What you wear is a reflection of your inner self. And your dress must be representing the original you with a touch of style and modernity.

These days Capri shalwar kameez and frocks are holding the center of attraction not only in Pakistan or India but also in the western world. They have full wide range of different styles and colors in formal and casual both. In choosing between the two, a frock will go with a type of girl next door, naive and innocent, a believer of the fairytales, because of the image of tradition that frocks usually represent.

Going back to Mughal era the most popular dress was frock for Mughal princess and queens. Thus frock holds a representation of classical tradition and classical woman living in the moment of latest fashion. On the other hand, a Capri shalwar kameez will match a bold and forward woman, who is audacious by nature. In this way you can choose what suits ‘you’ the best, because you don’t want to loose your original charm amidst the glamorous world of fashion.

Talking about the latest trends of accessories, from a casual friendship band to a formal stone embellished necklace, they come in a variety of shapes, style and colors. Be it a charming pair of earrings, or a classic waist belt, big sunglasses or just a simple colorful bangle, can add posh and style to your personality. It all depends on what you choose for yourself, plus an enchanting smile can add a lot to your sense of being modern and fashionable.

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