Indian Actor Akshay Kumar Praised Efforts of Pakistani Artists in Bollywood Industry

Indian Actor Akshay Kumar Praised Efforts of Pakistani Artists in Bollywood Industry
Indian Actor Akshay Kumar Praised Efforts of Pakistani Artists in Bollywood Industry

The Bollywood star Akshy Kumar articulated that the existence of Pakistani comedians, actors and singers is a valuable addition to Bollywood industry, which has opened new frontiers for endless success.

The Pakistani artists bring revolution and diversity of their acting and singing skills. He said, most of the super hit songs were sung by renowned Pakistani singers and the opportunities to work together seem boundless. Akshay said. In the interview to a newspaper, also applauded Mr. Umar Sharif for his outstanding standup comedy and stage presence and consider him the constant benefiting source of Lollywood. He is also appreciated and liked in Bollywood and he is an inspiration for him.

Akshay also said : I was seeing Umar Sharif since I entered the Bollywood film industry , and it’s been almost 20 years to go and still he has maintained himself one of the best comedians of all times. What I really appreciate about him is his right delivery and timings in cracking jokes.

Akshay has 100 movies on his record and has worked in every type of movie whether it is action packed, romantic or a full time laughter comedy, this shows his multi-talented personality and proved him a challenger to love to explore him in all possible ways.  “My secret is that I never behave or act my age. I may be in my 40s but my Co actresses in their 20s. He also said, he always wants to have magnificent chemistry with his co-stars just because I don’t feel like a super star. The time you portray yourself as a superstar, inferiority commence between two of you and it becomes hard to work together in a comfortable way.

The actor said that “I fully supports the comeback of south Indian films and the remaking of South Indian Inspired Films deserves appreciation. Theses films have a lot of variety to offer to the audience and the content is enjoyable; it is an honor for me to refabricate their magic."

He also added that he is pleased to see the mounting film making trend in Lollywood industry and hopes that it will keep thriving for more development and quality. The filmmakers should keep trialing with newfangled techniques and never feel fearful of going back to film school," he said.

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