Humayun Saeed Opened up about their Quarantine Experience in an Interview

In a recent interview with Samina Peerzada, Humayun Saeed opened up about his life post his return from the United States, particularly his experience in quarantine.

The Punjab Nahi Jaungi star talked about how staying in isolation for the past 25 days would have a lasting effect on his habits.

These habits are here to stay now,” Humayun jokingly told Samina when she asked him about his thoughts on life returning to normal. “I haven’t shaken anyone’s hand in the last 25 days,” he said.

The actor then recounted his experience since leaving for the US, all the way up to his corona test. According to him, the situation went from calm to alarming all within a matter of days. “When we were leaving there wasn’t much panic around coronavirus.

Nonetheless, we went fully prepared from wearing a mask and gloves to maintaining physical distance from everyone else in the plane. Inside the plane, however majority of the people appeared rather calm and at ease with only a handful including us donning a mask,” he said.

Even as the trio of Humayun, Adnan Siddiqui, and Hira Mani landed in the US, there wasn’t any sort of screening and the environment appeared business as usual. “Everything was open from clubs to what not. We thought that are show would be canceled due to a lack of attendees.

However, people came. I asked some of them ‘don’t you get afraid?’ to which they just laughed. That being said, day by day restrictions were being imposed. As soon as we left a state we found out that a lockdown had been put in place there,” The Bin Roye actor said.

Of his time in quarantine with Siddique, Humayun talked about how the entire 14-days had its ups and downs. In some instances, both of them were paranoid and scared of already catching the disease while in others they had a great time sharing stories with one another.

We had our tests done in the first tow days. I kept on nagging the doctor about results which lead me to become more paranoid since I thought he might give me a false positive out of spite,” Humayun jokingly said. “I was scared a lot during the time I was getting tested.”

The actor recounted an instance two days in the quarantine where he started coughing and sneezing. “You can’t even imagine how scared I was. I thought that I had corona for sure. When I told Adnan he told me to stay away from him. Thankfully nothing happened,” he said.

On the lighter side, Humayun talked about how him and Adnan became closer during there time together. “We didn’t get bored for once. We could’ve easily stayed two more days. He used to tell me a lot about his father. I used to share stories about my childhood. It was fun,” Humayun concluded.

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